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How to Transfer WhatsApp Chat History on Android or iOS Using QR Code

WhatsApp's new chat transfer function, which uses QR codes, allows users to transfer complete account information, such as chats and media items, even documents.

Meta recently announced that it has made it easier for WhatsApp users to move their chat history from an old phone to a new phone without using any backup or cloud services. WhatsApp now allows Android and iOS users to transfer their chat history, as well as media attachments, between phones running the same operating system.

While the instant messaging service already provided the option to transfer conversation history, it was necessary to either back up the chat history on storage or upload it to the cloud.

WhatsApp’s new chat transfer function, which uses QR codes, allows users to transfer most chat information, such as messages, as well as media files such as documents, links, and videos. Users will not be able to share information about peer-to-peer payment messages or call history.

To transfer the WhatsApp Chat History using a QR code, the user must ensure that both phones are running Android OS Lollipop 5.1, or Android 6 or higher. Until the transfer process is completed, the new phone should not be registered on WhatsApp. Both handsets must also be WiFi enabled and connected to the same network.

Similarly, for iOS chat transfer, both old and new iPhone models must have WhatsApp for iOS version or higher installed.

How to Transfer WhatsApp Chat History

Here’s how to transfer WhatsApp chat history on Android as well as iOS phones.

Transfer WhatsApp Chat History on Android Phone

  • Open WhatsApp on the old phone.
  • Go to More Options > Settings > Chats > Transfer chats > Start.
  • Install and register on WhatsApp using the same number on the new handset.
  • Select Start on Transfer chat history from the old phone.
  • Allow the permissions and a QR code will appear.
  • Scan this code using your old device.
  • Once the permission for connecting phone is granted, the process will begin.
  • As the import is finished, tap Done.

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Transfer WhatsApp Chat History on iOS device

  • Open WhatsApp on the old iPhone.
  • Go to Settings > Chats > Transfer Chats to iPhone > Start.
  • On the new phone, install WhatsApp.
  • Register using your phone number.
  • Now select Continue on Transfer chat history to iPhone.
  • Using the camera on your old phone, scan the QR code shown on your new device.
  • Once the transfer completes, set up your profile on the new device.

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