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Android File Transfer Not Working On Mac: Here Is How To Fix

Android file transfer not working Mac? Here are 6 most effective tips to fix the issue.

What to do if Android file transfer does not work on Mac? Its a fact that sometimes we all face frustrating situations when there is a necessity to transfer some files and android file transfer not working or stops working on mac. So what to do in that situation? How to fix it?

There are instances wherein you are actually receiving error messages like:

  • “Could not connect to the device. Try connecting or restarting your device”
  • No Android device found. Please connect your Android device with a USB cable to get started”
  • “Can’t access device storage”
  • “Could not copy file”

Because of the situations like this, we have gathered some quick fix for you to solve this problem of Android files transfer not working on Mac. So if you are currently facing this situation the continue reading to resolve the issue.

Android File Transfer Not Working On Mac

Fundamentally, the inbuilt file manager on Android not only lets you access the files and folders in the internal storage of your device but also allows you to transfer the files between your phone and computer.

So first attach your Android device with pc and check the data transfer between both the devices. If you are using Mac, then install an official Google application called Android File Transfer to processor firstly.

However, if you have installed Android File Transfer app on your Mac and even if it detects that the phone is connected, sometimes you will see a pop-up warning notification that says “Could not connect to the device. Try reconnecting or restarting your device“. Wonder how to resolve it? Don’t worry, we have some working fix to tackle the “android file transfer not working” issue.

Now, here are some steps that will show to resolve this issue by both doing diagnostic on Mac and Android device. If one of the following troubleshooting resolves the issue then it’s great or else you can pass on to the next procedure which will assure that the issue will be fixed.

Why is Android File Transfer Not Working on Mac?

Below are some common reasons because of which Android File Transfer could be not working on Mac:

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  • A faulty USB cable.
  • File Transfer is not enabled on Android devices.
  • You have Installed some software that is causing the android device not working on the Mac.
  • Your Android device doesn’t support Android File Transfer.
  • The USB port is damaged on your Mac

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Tips to Fix Android File Transfer Not Working Issue on Mac:

Android file transfer is not working

1. Recheck to ensure your device is supported

While most mac and Android devices support file transfer, if you are using an old device then it may be the reason behind all your issues.

To make sure both of your systems meet the minimum requirements of Android File Transfer, verify your pc is running Mac OS X 1.5 and above. For Android devices check whether it’s running Android 3.0 and above or not.

2. Replace USB Cable & Enable USB Debugging

Sometimes the problem to Android file transfer not working on Mac lies with the faulty cable or with an improper setting. Follow these steps to fix it.

Step 1: Try to use a different USB cable and see if the problem still persists. If yes, then move to step 2.
Step 2: Connect your Android device to Mac via USB data cable.
Step 3: On your Android device, tap on “Settings” and turn on USB Debugging and choose “Media device (MTP)” option.

3. Reboot Your Mac

Android File Transfer Not Working on Mac

  • Make sure to use Mac OS X 10.5 or above and Android 3.0 or later to make this part work.
  • Reboot your Mac computer.
  • Open Android File Transfer app on your Mac

4. Update Android OS

Step 1: Make sure to update your Android device by executing the “System Update”.
Step 2: Reboot your Android Device and check whether it’s detected by your Mac now.

5. Use Android File Transfer Alternative

As Google no longer updates Android File Transfer, the software stops working from time to time. Because of this, so many users prefer to switch to an Android File Transfer alternative.

If you need to copy Android files to Mac to make a backup, you can use FonePaw Android Data Backup & Restore. The program can selectively backup data from Android phone to Mac in a straightforward way.

It supports Android devices from Android 2.3 Gingerbread to 9.0 Pie. You can backup photos, messages, contacts, videos, music, documents from Android to Mac easily.

Step 1: Download the free trial version of Android Data Backup & Restore on Mac
Step 2: Run the program and connect your Android phone to the Mac. The program will showcase your device immediately.
Step 3: Pick Device Data Backup and select the data types you want to back up to Mac. Click Start.
Step 4: If you need to restore Android data from the backup on Mac, use Device Data Restore or One-click Restore on the program to get back the data.

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6. Fix Android File Transfer Not Working with Android Assistant

google assistant fix file transfer not working

For most of the cases, the above-mentioned 5 methods should do the work to fix the Android file transfer not working on the Mac issue, however, if the problem still persists then it is time to use Android Assistance to fix the issue.

Android Assistant for Mac not only assists to transfer files from your Mac computer to Android device but also helps to create and restore backup files. You can easily manage your contacts and messages using the same software. This is a simplistic solution to all of your android problems. Also, the same software can be used to diagnose iOS devices too.

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