We began our journey not so long ago, but our dedication to informing let us build a sociable platform "LoudFact" which helps people get facts, tips, advices and reviews for better and healthy life. All our post are always meaningful and created for helping you only.

Who We Are

LoudFact started with a single writer and now we have some of the top contributors around the globe and their only motto is to create unique and valuable topics to connect you with us. We deliberately work to deliver some of the amazing articles related to Relationship, Health, Inspiration, Technology, Entertainment and Travel.

With each day we grow with some of the amazing people with having a whole range of interests, skills, and backgrounds and their only motto is to create amazing & helpful topics which match peoples day to day problems.

With such dedication soon we will be able to connect each and every user over the world respective of their language. It’s you who makes us responsible to create some of the unique topics with a completely advance approach.

Meet our dedicated

LoudFact Team

Dev Prakash

Founder, Programmer

A developer by the mind and a passionate blogger by heart ❤️. I am a traveler, writer, developer, humanitarian, nature & pet lover, founder of LoudFact and TD Apps(Awarding winning Android Developer Community).

James Williams

Health & Fitness Writer

James is a fitness and nutrition expert. With having 6 years of experience, he is the right person who can provide correct fitness tips and nutrition advice.

Emily Wilson, Ph.D.

Co-Founder, Relationship Writer

When it comes to relationship advice, Emily is the right person to contact. Her specialties include children, family relationships, domestic violence, and sexual assault and she shares her real-life experiences and professional insights on LoudFact.

Jenny Kemper

Inspiration Writer

Jenny is passionate about food, coffee, shopping, Jesus, lipstick, and of course, writing. Her work has been featured on Fit Her, Girls World, Parenting Guide and more.

Robert Martinez

Travel Writer

Robert Martinez is an American travel writer based in San Diego, California. His writing has appeared in NewsCamp, The Popular Me and the World With Me, among others.

Amelia Wilson

Entertainment Writer

Amelia Wilson is an independent film critic who has been writing about films for the past 3 years. She is also a writer, pet lover and a motivational speaker.

Christine Williams

SEO, Analytics Lead

Susan Miller

Frontend Developer, Graphic Designer

Sweta P. N.

UI/UX Designer, Data Analyst

Maria Rodriguez

Programmer, Social Media Coordinator

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