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10 Best Black Tattoo Inks Of 2023

Best Black Tattoo Inks: Since black is the color that is most frequently used for a variety of tattoo designs, black tattoo inks are standard in the tattoo business. These inks are produced by combining carbon black pigment with a carrier liquid, which aids in the pigment’s equal distribution throughout the skin.

Tattoo inks that are black available in a variety of shades and finishes, including standard black, jet black, and matte black. The most often used color is traditional black, which has a bold, deep color that works well on its own and as a basis for other hues. While matte black has a smooth, flat texture and a more subdued appearance, jet black is a highly saturated black that creates a strong, deep effect.

To conclude, black tattoo inks are an important element for tattoo artists and a crucial component in designing beautiful tattoos. You may create a selection of patterns that are both attractive and long-lasting by selecting from a number of colors and finishes. Just make sure to pick a reliable, high-quality brand to ensure the safety and efficacy of your ink.

Best Black Tattoo Inks

1. Dynamic Black Ink

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Dark as night, this Black Ink is ideal for outlining and shading. Formulated with an incredibly smooth flow rate, the tattoo pigments are up to any task, from precise linework to fine dot work.

Made in the USA, Black Ink is noted as having some of the most impressive pigment content on the market. This high-impact ink is easily wiped clean from the skin to allow for maximum work rate and a cleaner canvas. With Dynamic Color Black Ink on your needle, your imagination is the only limit.

Reviewers say: “Worth the buy I like the amount for size this is true black ink. It doesn’t contain any harmful ingredients.” says one buyer.

2. Millennium Mom’s Tattoo Ink – Black Onyx

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Black Onyx Tattoo Ink by Millennium Mom comes in a convenient 15-millilitre bottle. The homogenized-disperse, pure pigment promises to offer you the most vibrant color that won’t sag over time.

The tattoo ink, which boasts 20 colors and uses the dot-work technique, instead of a tattoo gun, claims to give you the most extraordinary stick poke tattoo that won’t ever fail.

Reviewers say: “Great product for tattoo artists. I stand behind all of Mom’s tattoo products. I rate them 5 stars because I’ve never had any ink from this seller that doesnt pack properly.” says one buyer.

3. Element Tattoo Supply – Black Tattoo Ink

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One of the best black tattoo inks for shading and outlining is Element Tattoo Supply Black Tattoo Ink. With this bottle of tattoo ink, creating elaborate tribal tattoos couldn’t be simpler. For a superb result, it offers a good flow rate and evenly distributes throughout your skin.

The ink doesn’t deteriorate over time and stays black and vibrant for your whole life! On the other hand, if you want the desired grey wash, the ink may be easily diluted and watered down.

Reviewers say: “Great quality ink, no issues and it’s very dark and black. That was my first tattoo on the skin so keep that in mind!” says one buyer.


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The company Viking-Ink claims of having been around for more than 20 years and offers a wide range of tattoo-related supplies. For the best tattooing experience, their B&W Tattoo Ink in the shade BLACK DYNAMITE Color comes in a durable 30ml container.

If you’re looking for something different this time, your stick poke session, which is available in 26 colors, cannot go wrong. The company guarantees a vivid color that won’t deteriorate over time so your tattoo will remain in place for a very long period.

Reviewers say: “It goes on smoothly and stays dark after healing I wish the bottles were bigger but all things considered great quality.” says one buyer.

5. Kuro Sumi – Outlining Black Tattoo Ink

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The best black tattoo ink for outlining in the world, as per Kuro Sumi. The black pigment is frequently praised for its excellence and dense texture. The product also provides a respectable flow, which simplifies the tattooing procedure.

If you’re seeking for a high-quality recipe with premium ingredients, this vegan-friendly tattoo ink that is devoid of dangerous chemicals is your calling. Additionally, the product makes the claim that it is cruelty-free, which is a plus for those who support the environment.

Reviewers say: “Does what you need it to do. The screw cap works well and doesn’t leak after using it. All around good product.” says one buyer.

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6. Allegory Tattoo Ink – BLAK

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Allegory BLAK is a smooth, consistent blend of liquid-dispersed pigment. Many of the most popular tattoo artists around the globe use Allegory BLAK Ink for precise lining and shading.

Further, the colors have stood the test of time by staying bright on the skin many years later after receiving their tattoo. The tattoo inks are safe on the skin, better for the environment, and ultimately preferred for your overall health.

Reviewers say: “I use this on all my tattoos. It’s very dark and great for shading as well! Doesn’t fade or cause irritation. It’s my go to ink :)” says one buyer.

7. Bloodline Ink All Purpose Black

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With a standard volume of 29 ml, Bloodline Tattoo Inks is a dependable black ink for tattoos and is sufficient for your tattoo session. The tattoo seems brilliant, bold, and long-lasting thanks to the ink’s intense pigmentation.

The product evenly spreads throughout your skin, ensuring that the color of your tattoo stays vibrant for a very long time. Additionally, you may combine this ink with different colors to create striking and original artwork.

Reviewers say: “Great ink doesn’t bleed and actually stays in the skin nicely. Pretty good for the price also. Already ordered another.” says one buyer.

8. Intenze Professional Tattoo Ink Zuper Black

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You may get the tattoo pigment of your dreams with Intenze Professional Tattoo Ink in the shade Zuper Black thanks to its high-end ink and premium components. For those who are concerned about the environment and don’t want animal experimentation, vegan-friendly ink is ideal.

The highly colored ink penetrates the skin deeply, making it ideal for tattoos on people with darker skin tones as well. It comes in a convenient, tamper-proof container to make getting a tattoo much easier.

Reviewers say: “Great ink doesn’t bleed and actually stays in the skin nicely. Pretty good for the price also. Already ordered another.” says one buyer.

9. World Famous Tattoo Ink – Blackout Black

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A great, all-around black without glycerin for the absolute thinnest consistency. Easy to work with and super opaque, allowing for strong, fast-moving saturation into the skin. Great for black and white portraits and just about everything else.

Many of the most popular tattoo artists around the globe turn to World Famous’ bold, beautiful tattoo ink, tattoo supplies & tattoo kits to deliver a flawless work of art.

Professional tattoo ink that is truly ultra-safe and pure. All World Famous tattoo ink & tattoo supplies are purified and then sealed in a crystal-flex bottle. Every bottle has a scan code to verify authenticity.

Reviewers say: “Goes in easy and dark and heals very dark. Wanted the new triple black but did not have it available yet at least on Amazon.” says one buyer.

10. STIGMA Tattoo Ink Black

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Super Black BAODELI Tattoo Ink is available in an 8-ounce container that is filled with premium materials. The product’s dynamic undertone enables quick skin absorption while the deeply pigmented composition promises to penetrate and disseminate into the skin with a smooth flow.

The pigmented product has a soluble composition that colors extremely rapidly and the aid of the precisely developed chemical in preventing the product from drying out too quickly.

Reviewers say: “Very nice black and smooth ink. It’s not clumpy or very thick, it is a little runny though which I don’t mind.” says one buyer.


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