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Sigma Male: Facts, Characteristics And Things They Do

A mysterious lone walker who drifts in and out of groups and lives own life.

Sigma Male: For most of us, men were portrayed as either the Alpha Male who has leadership qualities and strong confidence or the Beta Male who follows orders. However, what we don’t know is that there is another type of personality that emerges a lot which is neither Alpha nor Beta known as Sigma(Sigma Male).

The most fascinating fact about the Sigma male is that they were there from the beginning, they are the rule makers and breakers. Currently Sigma Male is a trending topic around most famous psychology forums and people are keen to know more about them.

Who is a Sigma male?

A Sigma male is a man who lives outside the hierarchy and does his own thing and built his own way. He basically stays out of the male hierarchy. A Sigma Male is also very attractive to women, at the top of the socio-sexual hierarchy alongside the Alpha.

Studies have shown you are never really able to know the personality of a sigma man. The brooding and mysterious nature of Sigma male is not revealed as it’s specifically what defines him. What goes in the sigma male’s head is what exactly they know only.

Sigma Male Characteristics

1. Mysterious

Sigma males are typically quite mysterious because they don’t wish to confirm or stand outside, they’re a total puzzle. You can’t find them out, which merely makes you wish to more… You can just imagine how try-hard alphas must feel on them.

2. Independent Man

This type of man isn’t reliant on other men and women. This doesn’t mean they don’t care about close friends, family, or spouses. It merely means that people are more of a complementary portion of their lives instead of the ultimate concentration. Instead of depending on others, they get on with their own lives.

3. Sigma Male Don’t Say Much

Sigma Male Don't Say Much

What might feel like the cone of silence to other people feels natural for you. Sigma men talk only when its necessary and starts with the important one. You may call them less talkative, however, they only say what is necessary.

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Most people consider them mysterious because of their less talkative nature but this is what they are and they know their real value.

4. They Get A Lot of Attention

Sigma men get a lot of attention and most women do love their company. Generally, they don’t commit to a relationship with someone easily rather just look at them.

5. They Like Different Things

While everyone at a meetup is hoping to carry on a conversation with the person beside them while posting about it on social media, you are happy to just sit and hear them all, actually engage in a conversation with someone, and leave your cell phone in your pocket.

6. They Hate When Someone Try To Change Their Lifestyle

Sigma male build their own lifestyle and they never like anyone to intercept that zone. If someone tries to impose on their lifestyle then that makes them crazy. They are people who have their own comfort zone and own rules.

7. Flexible And Adorable

Sigma males harness one of the finest qualities i.e; their versatility. Because of their flexible nature, they are quite good at moving ahead despite all their difficulties. You may find their adorable nature quite manipulating, however, its something they never utilize even to manipulate or to take advantage.

8. Masterminds

Sigma males tend to have very analytic minds. They are highly intelligent, so think things through and really get down to the root level before making a decision. They always stay out of enough attention and drama, mostly they keep themselves private and mysterious and never let anyone find what really goes inside their mind.

9. Strong And Silent

Sigma Male

You may find a sigma quite silent but don’t judge by just looking at them as they have a strong intelligence. They mostly spent a lot of their energy by analyzing different situations and absorbing the necessary information. Because of their knowledge-absorbing nature, they mostly have poor social skills.

10. Lone Walkers

Sigma males don’t like to be around so many people. They also don’t want to be a part of any pack nor to be followed by anyone. They are the kind of person who builds their own way like the alpha male but doesn’t want to lead others and stay quite happy within their own limits.

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Sigma Males Vs Alpha Males

Alphas and Sigmas are not completely different and they share many of the same characteristics. They are usually self-possessed, self-sufficient and charismatic.

Alphas and Sigma male both can be very successful with women. On the other hand, the alpha is the leader and everybody else follows him. He lays down the law and the females naturally drift towards him because as the leader he is sexually attractive.

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Most of the people are beta males and they only need one thing is to follow. They are the normal guys and they follow the alpha. They fight over women those the alpha doesn’t want, the leftovers.

How to be a Sigma Male?

While most people have different opinions, the truth is that you can easily change yourself and reinvent your type of personality. If you work on yourself then you can improve your personality. Surely it will take some time, but if you work on yourself then you will be able to improve your personality.

So, if you willing to be a sigma male then read the sigma male characteristics and adapt them be like one. It can be hard but with practice, you will be able to be like a sigma male.

The Bottom Line

While Alphas are leaders and betas are followers, Sigmas completely ignore those mentalities. They may stand out or in some cases, they may blend in but what matters the most is that they just live their life happily in their own way by just be themselves.

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