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How To Stay Single Forever And Happy: 7 Effective Steps

If you’ve ever wished to find the most genuine answer to how to stay single, then you’re in luck. Here are seven things that can almost assure your single status.

Have you recently broken up with a significant other or you are the person who hates someone else in your own space then you will be surprised by the fact that this question has been asked too many times to me.

While both relationships and single life have pros and cons but making a lifelong decision isn’t that easy. So before making any decisions, it’s good to find out why you should look forward to being alone forever and whether can you make that.

No doubt some people want to stay single for lifelong. If you are a person, who hates playing the dating game and the drama of a relationship and loves your own company, then living a single life is best for you. While some find themselves happy in a single life, most struggle to achieve that. Here are seven effective steps to stay happy and single forever.

7 Effective Steps to Stay Happy and Single Forever

Open the door and be part of the world! Let life speak bit by bit. Happiness is fleeting no matter what your relationship status is, so get out of your loneliness and live in the world.
Read through my tips below on how to be happy in a single forever and find the true meaning and purpose.

1. Find What You Love

How To Stay Single Forever And Happy

Relationships are always vulnerable because they contain two weak, imperfect human beings. Even the strongest most committed couples hurt each other, and they leave even when they promised they wouldn’t.

So, only an internal source of peace and happiness and love will bring you lasting happiness. For some of its social works, for others its god, so it is you who have to find out the true love of your life.

2. Commit Daily Activities

If you have recently broken up with someone, then it’s better to find some regular activities to alter your focus. It’s a fact that true happiness comes from others, so consider engaging in an action in which you can help others in achieving their goals.

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Remember a meaningful, purpose-driven life is the real source of happiness, and mostly that comes from others. Learn which activity gives you inner peace and make it a purpose of your life.

How To Stay Single Forever And Happy

A couple of days back I met Emma who owns a bakery, and you will be surprised by the fact that she is in her late sixties and lives her single life happily. She regularly visits orphanages to spend time with kids, and that gives her inner peace and happiness.

After meeting with her, I was utterly shocked by how happy she is in her life. So, it disapproves of the fact that single persons don’t find happiness in their life.

3. Disconnect From Social Media Networks

How To Stay Single Forever And Happy

In most of the case, social sites trigger sadness and depression for you. When one views others events, parties, vacations and amazing times with their loved ones, how can be happy seeing this.

A study published in the Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology – Mai-Ly N. Steers and her team at the University of Houston tracked the depressive symptoms and Facebook usage habits of a group of students at a Southwestern University.

These researchers observed that the more time a student spent on Facebook, the stronger the depressive symptoms he experienced. More importantly, the depression link was influenced by how frequently the student linked himself to others on Facebook. So stay off these sites until you found yourself a hobby is advisable.

4. Accept Yourself

How To Stay Single Forever And Happy

In order to get happiness, you have to first focus on what makes you miserable. Whether you previously in a relationship or single, you definitely struggle with feelings of anxiety, sadness, and unhappiness but that doesn’t mean you have failed at life.

Most of us can’t accept distress feelings but its a part of the normal flow of human emotion. So to be happy you have first to accept yourself.

5. Find A Reason Of Life

How To Stay Single Forever And Happy

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Finding out what you really love can provide you happiness lifelong. Most of us spend much of our lives trying to arrange things so that we feel happier and more satisfied with our lives, but often we feel stuck or frustrated.

So it’s better to discover and explore your most profound views and desires and act on them. If you start looking at life then it’s concise, choose the situations that make you happy and go for your dreams with conviction and courage.

6. Don’t Believe Every Thought And Feelings

How To Stay Single Forever And Happy

We always prefer our behavior entirely on the demands of the moment, the expectations of others, or the norms of our society. However, doing so can make you feel miserable and lost, and we get into emotional trouble when we lose our true desires and interests.
So, don’t get convinced with every thought and feeling.

We can’t just hand our lives over to our impulses and emotions. Instead, listen to your inner instincts and steer yourself in that way.

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7. Commit To A Social Responsibility

How To Stay Single Forever And Happy

I believe every human being should have a social responsibility. We need this world and this world also needs us. So it’s your responsibility too to help someone, after all, we all are humans, not any animals.

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