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Amazing Tips To Overcome Shyness And Social Anxiety

Are you tired of Shyness or Social Anxiety? When someone wants to talk to you, you look away feeling awkward, stammer in anxiety, turn white. Many people experience shyness in childhood and that can increase in an adult.

In your workspace, it holds you back, because who have shy tendency they avoid public situations and speaking because they are experienced with chronic anxiety. You are not alone who are struggling shyness, in an average 40 percent of people struggle in public because of shyness.

But don’t worry, there is a piece of good news for you. Most people overcome shyness with time and effort. So, you can also get rid of your shyness with time, effort and “desire to change” tendency.

Many people advice different steps to overcome shyness but I recommend you to follow these steps.

Tips To Overcome Shyness And Social Anxiety

1. Understand Your Fear

Shyness is a symptom of fear which comes because of childhood incidents, poor self-esteem, excessive worrying and many more.

So it’s essential that you first figure out the reason for your fear and try to solve it by emotional manner. To get rid of your fear, you need to first understand the cause. To overcome it, try to do some meditation, emotion release exercises, read inspiring books, or join self-healing classes.

2. Understand Your Individuality

Most of us become shy due to the fear of rejection and insecurity. Its because we thought that we aren’t smart, beautiful or intelligent enough. Look, nobody is perfect in this world, but their individuality makes them perfect.

You may not have noticed your ability till now and that’s the main reason for your shyness. So, you should appreciate yourself and try to find a way to understand your individuality and work on it to make it more proficient.

3. Increase Communication Skills

Some people have a fear to speak up in public, they talk quietly which is not audible to everyone, and people started to tell “talk louder“. There is no problem if you have this issue. Try to practice to talk louder where you are alone like your bathroom.

Practice in front of the mirror and try to visualize your voice and manage your voice level. Ask your friends and family members, who can give you perfect feedback on your voice audibility.

4. Meet New People

Amazing Tips To Overcome Shyness And Social Anxiety

The best way to overcome your shyness is by meeting new people every week. You should stay focused on making new friends, as it will make you comfortable with others. Try to volunteer for organizing events, and go to parties with new friends as these things will help you overcome your shyness fast.

5. Imagine

Imagine yourself that you are having a striking conversation in a panel with strangers, imagine giving a presentation at a big conference. See yourself as someone who is confident, and smart. Think you know everything, as these things will decrease your shyness by boosting your confidence.

6. Avoid Bullies and Teasing

There are always some people around who pass judgment on everyone. Bullying and teasing others is a bad thing, but they don’t care about this and take it as the fun stuff. So, you should always try to handle these things appropriately, don’t act on their comments, and make a respectful distance from such negative people.


Never lose faith in yourself, try the above steps, and always smile even if you are shy. Smiling gets more positivity and helps you in every bad situation.

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