Does She Like Me? Secret Signs To Confirm She’s Into You

Secret signs to let you know whether she likes you or not.

Does she like me? If you have this question in mind then let me tell you one thing women aren’t complex, you guys just need to be observant. It is time you looked in the signs. If you find yourself falling for a woman, it can be hard to know if she’s feeling the same way.

Most of us spend our time believing if another person likes us unsure of what to do. However, the way the best way to find out if she is into you would be to watch what she’ll do.

If you are to a girl and wish to know if she is into you also, check out these secret signs which she’s picking up what you are putting down. If you can’t find a few of these actions in her behavior, she’s probably not that into you.

Secret Signs To Stop Asking “does she like me?”

1. She Responds To Your Messages Immediately


A girl that actually likes you will not spend a minute and respond to your message immediately when she sees your face pop up in her notifications. After all, she can’t stop herself when she sees your face pop up in her notifications.

If she does this occasionally and mostly replies back 15 minutes or 30 minutes late then she considers you as her friend. Mostly if it’s a mixture of immediate responses and 15-minute delays, then its a sign that she likes you.

2. She Imitates You

This is also considered as a secret sign. These things happen subconsciously when we’re around someone we like and admire. If she follows below gestures then its sign that she is up to you.

  • Mimicking your hand gestures during the conversation.
  • Using the same phrases as you.
  • Follows your speaking style.

If you think that she likes you after reading the above signs, then think of making a move.

3. She Loves To Stay Connected With You All Day

signs a girl likes you

No matter how independent as many women are, they still turn to their better half for life advice and support to make decisions about what they want. This is mainly because they want to include the important people in their lives in those decisions. So if she is asking for your advice on small decisions then you are someone special to her.

4. She Talks About You With Her Friends

Another crucial sign to know she is up to you when you got to know her friends talk about you. It’s a sign that she’s been talking about you and like you.

5. She Loves To Physically Close To You In Public

If she doesn’t hesitate to sit next to you or holding your hand in public then she definitely likes you.

6. She Keeps Locking Eyes With You

If you want to find out the answer to your question “does she like me” then look for the eyes of her. If she continues to stare at you or looks at something continuously then It’s more likely that she is into you though.

7. She Looks Relaxed Around You

If she loves to hang out with you and if it feels like she needs to be anything but herself then take it as a sign. Most girls don’t give up some personal information shortly after meeting her, so if this happens to you then take it as a sign.

8. She Likes To Hang Out One-On-One

signs she likes you

If she is free Sunday evening and let you know this continuously then consider this as a hint that she wants to hang out with you. You may take it as a bit desperate, but this shows how much she wants to be around you and is willing to drop everything to get some alone time with you.

9. She Fixes Her Hair And Licks Her Lips

Guys do like long hair and if she’s got long hair and she’s playing with or running her fingers through it as she is staring at you, it’s a positive sign that she likes you. Girls intuitively groom themselves like the same way guys do if a girl comes around that they like.

Just like hair, lips also carries the sign that she likes you. Lips have many sensual and sexual meanings associated with them, however, if she is licking her lips and looking at you, she’s into you. Just make sure she is doing on purpose.

10. She Wants To Know If You Have A Girlfriend

Most women are pretty much straight forward these days. If she asks for the details about your relationship status or inquires about your girlfriend then take it as a positive sign as this could mean that she likes you.

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