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5 Signs Your Relationship Isn’t Working And You Should End It

Sometimes it's better to let it go rather than fighting for it.

Are you tired of the fact that your relationship isn’t working? Those who are in a relationship knows it’s not easy at all but often look better from a distance. If it’s not going well then you will experience some soul-destroying feelings which are hard to describe.

Most people think its easier to end a relationship but when both you and your partner love each other but it feels like something is missing then it’s not easy to end it.

Sadly, some relationships simply don’t work despite how desperately we may want them to. If you are in a situation like this, then there are several signs to look out for to know whether your relationship is worth fighting for or not, even though they may be tough to accept.

Here are 5 common signs to consider your relationship isn’t working and you should end it.

Signs To Know Relationship Isn’t Working:-

1. You feel like you’ve compromised

Most people experience this feeling in a long-term relationship. If you’ve been with someone you love long enough but still it feels like something is missing, you may start feeling you have compromised and stuck.

A relationship requires compromising on both ends and after all the talks you’ve had with your partner, if you find that the only person compromising in everything is you then you’re not in the correct relationship.

In this situation, some people don’t want to end things and keep on living while they aren’t 100 percent happy. If this is the circumstances for you then it’s better you should end it even if your partner means so much to you.

2. Fewer talks and lack of topics

When people are in love then topics are just endless, if that’s not the case with you then its not the correct relationship for you. Even if you are small talks, if those are meaningful and if it feels like you are satisfied with them then your relationship is healthy and no need to worry about it.

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Most people often take arguing as a bad thing in a relationship but it’s not, it’s just a way of communication to resolve all the issues inside your relationship. So don’t take arguing as a sign to decide that your relationship isn’t working.

3. Lack of Intimacy

When the relationship grows, it feels like the intimacy between you and your partner had simmered down, but don’t worry as its completely normal. Being intimate with your partner is a great way to feel connected and it’s also essential for a healthy relationship.

So, if it feels like there is not any intimacy at all and sex is just an option to resolve an issue then its time to take it seriously.

A lack of intimacy in a relationship can occur due to several outside stress but if it’s not the reason then its time to consider that the relationship isn’t working anymore.

4. You don’t care about each other’s appearance

Relationship Isn't Working

Love doesn’t stop only at emotions when two persons are in love they try to concentrate on everything from appearance, hairstyle to dressing.

If you suddenly feel like your other half had lost interest in your appearance and doesn’t comment on anything then it spells trouble for your relationship. Try to fix it by communicating with your partner otherwise, it will be the end of your relationship.

5. Feel like you’re the only one fighting for the relationship

If you are always fighting to remain in your relationship then it’s not good for you to be in that relationship. Some people try very hard to make their relationship work but you have to accept it that the relationship isn’t a one wheel motorbike, you need both for a smooth ride.

So, if you’re always the one putting in an effort and your partner shows almost zero effort, that is a sign that you should end your relationship.

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The Bottom Line

While I personally advise most of my clients to shut out their problems through proper communications, still some issues are there which are not worth fight for.

If you feel embarrassed to tell your friends about the amount of energy you have to put into the relationship to keep it going, that is a sign that you may have exceeded a suitable amount of effort. So in those cases, it’s better to mark on early signs that your relationship isn’t working and live separated than living in an unhealthy relationship.

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