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Proven Tips To Save Your Marriage: Expert Advice By Emily

Looking for tips to save your marriage? Although divorce is an easy choice for some, many prefer to save their marriage and that’s why questions like

  • how to save your marriage?
  • ways to save your marriage from divorce?
  • how to save your marriage alone?

are pretty common these days. Problem is a common word in a relationship and thus requires more attention. When these problems go beyond your reach then you search for outside help, if this is the case with you then don’t worry you came to the right place. The first thing you need to decide is what you are going to do because the stress of trying to fix your relationship is too much to do alone.

Nonetheless, the proven relationship tips to save your marriage which I outline below are absolutely essential not only to a stable relationship but for the fix of one that’s suffering.

Proven Tips To Save Your Marriage

1. Stop complaining


This is one of the most common problems in every relationship. If you have a problem then you can discuss it with your partner sweetly, but most people start complaining regularly and that turns in to a habit. Many people don’t understand the fact that with regular complaining their behavior also changes and that creates the problem.

If one of you or both are facing this problem then the simple thing you can do that turns your complaint into a request. Start finding out the reason behind your complain and discuss those reasons with your partner to solve them.

2. Don’t blame your partner

Playing the blame game is a bad thing that people often do in a relationship. Control your anger and stop blaming your partner over anything as this will only worsen your relationship.

Most people start fighting because of anger and then they lose control over their mouth. To fix this, you have to first control your anger. Do some meditation or join some anger management classes to control your anger. With time you will have control over this.

3. Compromise is the key

In a relationship, most couples always forget that they both are two different human beings and start fighting over small things. The biggest key to making a marriage work is “compromise” and both of you should be prepared to make some compromises for each other.

To resolve this issue, discuss it with your partner and try to find some middle ground that will satisfy you both.

4. Focus on your Appearance


Many get depressed with an impending divorce and forget to spend sufficient time on themselves. Never do this mistake, this is the perfect time to implement your magic on your partner. Get a haircut or color, put on your makeup, lose weight, or play dress-up as this will drag your partner’s attention towards you.

5. Take a Break and Spend Some Time Alone

Often stress is the main reason behind all this, so just take a break and go on a short vacation. This will help you by gathering all your thoughts and emotions. As no one knows your partner better than you, decide what to do next to get your partner back. Often we ignore some simple solutions because of stress, so taking a short break will help in gathering those solutions.

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6. Remember the love

In a relationship, we expect wholeness from our partners and perfection from our relationships. With work stress, we mostly forget to spend some intimate time with our partner and sometimes that’s the main reason behind all the problems. All human beings seek love, so always remember to spend some quality time with your partner. This will help you both remind that you both are not enemies to each other.

7. Go away on adventures regularly

It’s always better to spend some quilty time together and going on a short trip matter a lot in saving your marriage. It doesn’t have to be an expensive trip abroad, just try an overnight ‘staycation’ instead. Stepping outside your comfort zone will almost always be a bonding experience.

8. Forget flaws and move ahead

No human is perfect, that’s for sure. Flaws are numerous in people from all walks of life. You’re probably apt to notice them the most in the person you’re married to. So it’s better to look past flaws as opposed to trying to fix them. Instead of dwelling on your partner’s flaws, strengthen the positive qualities you love the most.

9. Choose your words carefully while talking

Once out of your mouth, words can never be recovered. It’s a fact that no one likes constant suggestions in a louder or whinging tone. If you need to remind your spouse of a job, use a few words in a non-accusatory way. In this way, you can fix the issues between you and your partner and save your marriage.

10. Stay away from social media

While social media is a great way to stay connected with friends, however using it more often can damage your real life. It’s always wise to disconnect from social platforms and spend some quality time together. Furthermore, if you find yourself having intimate online chats with someone who is not your spouse, log off indefinitely.


Apart from these above problems, there are several other factors that can lead to problems in a relationship or marriage. If you find that nothing is working for you then I will encourage you to seek personalized outside help.

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