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Beta Male: 10 Signs Your Boyfriend Is A Beta & Why It’s Good

Dependable and respectful, there are only a few qualities of Beta Male.

Nobody discusses the beta male anymore. It’s all about the alpha male, Nowadays. No one would like to be the forgotten nice man. Beta males are the sort of guys who are far more commonly associated with being your friend–quirky, adorable, reliable, and kind.

Who is a Beta Male?

The beta male is also known as the immature male those who,

  • Fail to Learn to master their own mind and emotions
  • Closed to learning
  • Whose reasoning abilities stay stuck in adolescence
  • Watch themselves as victims of life, instead of students of the existence
  • Lack of patience, ethics, and self-control as well as the desire to fix these shortcomings
  • Who are driven to acquire approval at any price
  • Seek unethical benefits
  • Ignore their responsibility to grow

How can you detect a beta male?

If you are interested in getting a boyfriend then a beta man might be the best form of guy you should look for. Here are the characteristics of a beta male, and why should look for the signs in your boyfriend to check whether he is a meta or not.

Beta Male

The beta male has three key factors working against him:

  • Passive energy
  • Lack of emotional control
  • Low-status behaviors

Beta Male Personalities:

Here are the top five personalities that you will easily find in a beta male,

  • Embarrassed Easily
  • Puts Other People First
  • Secretive
  • Wants To Be Perfect
  • Gets Very Emotional

10 Signs Your Boyfriend Is A Beta Male

Beta Males are a different kind entirely, and also make much better companies for myriad reasons. In terms of TV characters, consider Sam Winchester rather than Dean on Supernatural, or Jamie Fraser out of Outlander.

If you spot the majority of these traits in your man, you might really be in Beta land and that’s an excellent thing indeed.

1. He’s Reliable

If he really cares about you then the beta male will probably be there for almost everything. Whether you need someone to cover for you or Got something that has to be picked up in town, forgot something important in the office, or simply need a shoulder to cry on for whatever reason the beta male is perfect for all these needs.

This is because of the beta man; for him, you are more than just a girl he has sex with; you are someone he truly wants to be with.

2. Committed

How many times have you rolled your eyes in the trope of a big, powerful man running away from a significant relationship? It is not only a joke; a lot of men are terrified at the idea of being tied down. But a beta man is not. They take pleasure in the idea of finding “the true one” and starting a life with her.

So what’s the reason behind this? Since they value the moments, they spend with you, and the sooner they find “the true one”, the sooner they can begin collecting these moments.

3. Open For Communication

A beta male is more in impact with his feelings and always has a door open, ready to listen. He knows the true value of clearing up things because he’s been through the kind of emotional disturbance that simply comes around in times of psychological uncertainty.

4. Respects You

A beta male does not believe he’s far better than other people and treats everyone with a feeling of respect. While an alpha male will see to the server for a nuisance, a beta man will understand that there are other individuals like him.

He would not do anything to you he would not want to be done to himself. It’s one of the golden rules. This is the reason he’ll treat you with so much respect and love because that’s the way that he would like to be treated.

5. Attentive In Bed

Alpha guys have a tendency to put their own needs and taste at top priority than others, and also place a little effort into satisfying their spouse. Their dominance and aggressiveness could possibly be a turn-on occasionally, but it is about what that they like. The moment they are done, they are done.

In the other hand, the beta male will take some opportunity to learn what pleases you, and really needs to be sure to enjoy yourself just as much as he can.

6. Creative

Beta guys frequently have hobbies which are somewhat creative, whether it’s cooking, painting, music, etc.. If you’re dating a man like this, he’ll be encouraging and enthusiastic about your pursuits and show real interest in your creative endeavors.

In turn, if you make it clear to him that you care about the things that he’s passionate about, he will light up and show you what he is working on.

7. Appreciates The Small Things

Alpha men usually have such a strong sense of entitlement that if you do something that’s salty or sweet, they’ll take it in their stride because they feel they deserve it. Or, they’ll shine it over, roll up their eyes, and feel like you’re getting too attached to their liking.

On the other hand, the beta guys will genuinely appreciate the fact that you have taken the opportunity to understand the ways. He’s also more likely to enjoy a little gift you’ve made him rather than a flashy, expensive piece which you have saved up to prove how much you care.

8. Sex Isn’t The Main Objective

He loves sex as much as any normal man, but he is also totally okay with cuddling while watching a movie. He’s not only spending some time with you since he needs to get off: he enjoys your company, your dialog, and even hysterical laughing matches while playing Cards or similar.

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9. Create Opportunities To Spend Time With You

Unlike Alpha man, whom you’ll only actually hear from once the whim strikes up, Beta man makes an effort to allow you to know he’s thinking about you and love to see you.

You may find a random text at the middle of the day simply to say hello or I love you, even if it’s only a cute picture of something he thinks might make you smile, and he’ll make sure that you inquire what your program is like so the both of you can organize time together.

10. Role Model

He’s an excellent role model for young boys. Beta male lives with integrity and nobility and hopes his children to fulfill the very same values. These kinds of person respect everyone and make sure whoever he talks leaves the dialogue in a better mood.

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