Shart Facts: What Are The Causes & How To Prepare For It

Sharting is more common than you think.

Sharting may be embarrassing but it’s one of the true facts of life. You have probably laughed at people when you get to know they not only poop but also sharts. So what is a shart? How you can prepare for a Shart attack?

Shart Facts

What Does Shart Mean?

In one word shart is the combination of sh*t and fart. Sometimes, when you’re going to break some wind a little poop sneaks out along with it, which is referred to as Shart. It may be embarrassing but here is the fact almost everyone once in a lifetime encounters this. Even famous celebrities have come across it, therefore next time you encounter this don’t feel embarrassed.

What Are The Causes Behind Shart?

Most people think sharts are created by the runs, but it’s normally because you didn’t do a good enough job of evacuating during your previous bowel movement. So in simple words, if you’re holding on to too much poop, you raise the odds that some will shoot out when you fart.

Another cause of sharting is explosive farts. Most civilized people try to pass gas surreptitiously, without detection. By slowly discharging gas passively, you decrease your chance of soiling yourself at work.

If you go for the farts forcefully then you increase your chances of sharting as their sphincter relaxes, allowing gas to shoot out faster and louder.

How To Prevent It?

If you are experiencing this frequently then it’s not common at all. Studies have shown that low fiber in your body may increase the chance of sharting in your body. To resolve this increase fiber in your diet. Fiber helps build proper poops and can help reduce any leftovers in your system.

In some cases, the possibility is that you’re lactose intolerant. So if you sharting frequently then there is a high possibility that you consume daily product recently. This can all cause diarrhea and up your chances of sorry poops, to conditions such as ulcerative proctitis, rectal polyps, hemorrhoids, or cancer. To overcome this cut down on those products to see if that’s the reason behind the problem.

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The Bottom Line

No matter what preventative measures you take, they can still sneak up on you. Remember, sharts are natural predators, looking for the most inconvenient time to strike and cause maximum embarrassment.

However, if you have rectal bleeding than just normal gas and poop coming out of your hiney then this may be a major issue. In that case, don’t feel embarrassed and talk to your doctor.

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