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Netflix Kids Movies: 10 Best Kids Movies On Netflix In 2023

From Coco to Peter Rabbit here are 10 best kids movies on Netflix to watch in 2019.

Are you looking for the best kids movies on Netflix? Check out our favorite Netflix kids movies and top-rated TV shows list for families. Of course, you will find animated kids movies, but we have also recorded plenty of other family-friendly options which are great to watch at any age.

From popular comedies to book-based dramas to interesting documentaries, you’re guaranteed to find an exciting pick that is ideal for your loved ones. You may even have the ability to introduce your kids to loved ones from your youth!

Netflix frequently updates its library, so check back often for new additions to this listing.

10 Best Kids Movies On Netflix To Watch In 2023

1. Bolt (IMDB: 6.9)

BOLT (voiced by John Travolta, performing some of his best work in years) is one of the all time favorite kids movies on Netflix. It is a story of a unique dog who is trained to think he’s actually a crime-fighting puppy with superpowers, instead of a canine actor.

Since puppyhood, Bolt has lived only on the TV show’s set and actually thinks his young owner Penny(Miley Cyrus) resides under constant threat from a mad scientist and his evil cats. When Bolt accidentally lands in a transport box, he pops up in New York City, still under the delusion that he’s all-powerful.

2. Peter Rabbit (IMDB: 6.6)

Peter Rabbit is the new addition to Netflix kids movies. This refreshing adaptation of Beatrix Potter‘s novels revives Peter Rabbit for the younger set, by injecting the personality with a bit of mischief. Yes, even while that conclusion upset those connected with Potter’s original work, the movie does not come across as mean or insincere.

A couple of warnings, however: a human character dies relatively early, so this may not be an ideal picture for the super-young set. Also, a little ruckus was increased within a scene where a child allergic to blueberries was pelted by blueberries, which forced him to use his Epipen.

3. Beauty and the Beast (IMDB: 7.2)

Beauty and the Beast is a cherished Disney classic that satisfies audiences with joyful thoughts and warm, fuzzy feelings. The story shows a priest is cursed by an evil witch to live within an unpleasant monster until he discovers true love. Years after, he catches Belle in his castle.

4. Boss Baby (IMDB: 6.3)

The Boss Baby articulates a simplified version of Karl Marx‘s concept of alienation, specifically the alienation of the worker from the act of production. Even though he makes it to the peak of the hierarchy which exists inside Baby Corp, the Boss Baby soon realizes that because he encounters such detachment from that labor, he might too give it up altogether. For those who looking for Netflix kids movies, this is the first movie they should consider.

The film’s reinforcement of nuclear family ideals ends up marginally more egalitarian; the masculinist obsession with corporate success ends, in fact, to be hollow and stultifying. That it can delineate between each of these different kinds of fulfillment with such panache more than makes The Boss Baby worthy of a cookie cutter. And cookies are for closers.

5. Happy Feet (IMDB: 6.5)

Parents need to understand Happy Feet is an appealing animated film with loads of catchy music. It deals with environmental themes linked to individuals springing on natural habitats but avoids the heavy-duty questions of how to solve the problem. A number of these chase sequences and elephant seal scenes may be frightening for younger children.

Also, stereotyping come to play: Latin-inspired penguins are caricatured as party-loving creatures, and an African-American-inspired penguin comes across as an oversexed, fundamentalist preacher. Still, the film’s messages of integrity, social approval, and embracing your uniqueness shine through.

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6. Coco (IMDB: 8.4)

With the launch of Coco, the 19th movie from Pixar Studios, there are two questions the response to that each member in the viewer can be sure of prior to that desk lamp comes hurtling around the monitor.

Will the cartoon be elite, meriting adjectives like”vibrant” and”stunning” and possibly even”luscious?” with no doubt. Will the voice acting be excellent, enhancing the above cartoon whatsoever? It is also possible to count on at least a couple powerful strummings of this ol’ heartstrings.

Luckily, as a result of its narrative and, above all, it’s own setting, Coco will count as among their studio’s successes. For many who long to watch their civilization center stage instead of simply a taste scatter, the story of Miguel (Anthony Gonzalez), as he struggles to pursue his own dreams, may prove Pixar’s most purposeful movie nonetheless.

7. The Breadwinner (IMDB: 7.7)

Like The Secret of Kells and Song of the Sea, The Breadwinner is totally stunning, a cel-shaded stunner. Among all best kids movies on Netflix, it’s my personal favorite. It combines animation’s most conventional type with interspersed cut animation. The effect mixes the fluid intangibility of the prior using the visual characteristic of the latter, highlighting the movie’s visual scheme with texture and color.

Two may provide The Breadwinner ballast, binding it into the real history that functions as its foundation, and elevates it to realms of creativity in precisely the exact same moment. It is a collision of fantasy and truth.

8. Song of the Sea (IMDB: 8.1)

Tomm Moore’s Song of the Sea is a totally visceral stunner. You might find yourself wishing you can interact with its characters, reside in its vividly realized world, participate in its identifying ancestral battles.

The sexy magic of its own storytelling is buoyed by the textured, deceptively simple aesthetics of its 2D animation along with a deep admiration for federal mythology. Moore saturates his movie with enough references to Irish folklore to make Neil Gaiman blush.

9. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (IMDB: 7.8)

It is a triumphantly thrilling, serious-minded war film that’s incalculably more powerful for the simple fact that it is not the first chapter at a new franchise. Rogue One is a comprehensive film in a manner no other Star Wars film aside from A New Hope is capable of being.

It will not “set the stage” for an inevitable second episode. Its characters are more real for the simple fact that they are not perpetually sheathed at blaster-proof Franchise Armor. It’s, so help me, a satisfyingly entire narrative, and I had no idea until I saw the movie just how refreshing that idea is.

10. Avengers: Infinity War (IMDB: 8.5)

For each and every frenetic battle scene in Avengers: Infinity War and there are lots of these – that there are myriad personality interactions and psychological beats that the audience was prepped due to the last movies (okay, not 2008’s The Unbelievable Hulk). Because of this, authors Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely have ample space to riff and perform characters meet for the first time or watch each other.

A few of the interactions are simple to expect (if not pleasurable ) – the instant self-battle between Cumberbatch’s Dr. Strange and Downey Jr.’s Iron Person. For instance – our familiarity with those personalities adds resonance to almost every scene and every line. Since the vestiges along with ripples of psychological arcs laid down in the past decade’s worth of films reinforce even the tiniest second.

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