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How To Prevent Hair Loss In Women: Facts And Tips To Fix It

“How to prevent hair loss in women?” is a common question over the internet these days. Whether male or female, hair loss can occasionally result in massive issues, along with society’s response, and ridicule can induce individuals to have significant problems in both their work and personal lives.

Dense baldness can affect self-confidence, and also the individual begins moving out of society. In fact, the crucial thing is to get the reason for hair loss and treat so.

According to the surveys, 30 percent of women suffer from hair loss issues. If your hair arrangement began to thinner and it becomes milder, then it is time to give significant importance to it straight away.

Facts Behind Hair Loss In Women

There can be several causes of Hair Loss in Women. 50-100 hair loss per day is considered normal, if there is an increase in the number, then the amount of hair loss should be investigated immediately.

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What are the causes of hair loss?

1. Hair loss during pregnancy

Most women may experience hair loss due to hormonal changes during pregnancy. In fact, in some instances during pregnancy, the hair becomes overly thick and pubescent. With the close of the pregnancy interval, the hormones go down to the average amount.

Because of the recurrence of the meals during pregnancy, the hair is shedding after the pregnancy interval. It’s possible to perceive it generally for the first six months.

2. Hair Loss due to Nutrition

Improper feeding and irregularity in nutrition is the primary cause of hair loss in women. So the question is how to prevent hair loss in women. Generally, hair loss due to nutrition is caused by copper, zinc, iron, and vitamin D amino acids.

So to prevent hair loss, you have to consume rich protein and fiber foods along with sufficient water. This will not only help to prevent hair loss but also help you stay active and fit.

3. Aging Factors

Individuals begin to encounter some changes when they get old, and this affects their hair. The hair which begins to whiten and thinning can no longer perform its own activities and begins to spill. So to prevent hair loss you should make an effort and select the vitamins that are essential and take care of your health.

4. Thyroid-Related Diseases

The irregularity in the thyroid glands can lead to the loss of hair in women. If you are experiencing this disease, you can take measures to prevent hair loss during this period. Don’t go with an improper diet during this time and consult with your nutritionist before making any changes in your diet.

5. Incorrect Hair Care

It is one of the most common problems of hair fall in women. Chemical hair dyes, Hair color operations, Hair to extreme blow drying may have a serious impact on your hair health. To prevent hair loss, we should do your hair wet and slow when the towel is dried.

The hairdryer damages your hair, because of the heat your hair got broken and dull. However, taking precautions like preventing hair from excessive heating in hairdryers can prevent up to many extents.

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How To Prevent Hair Loss In Women?

Stress, bad weather, and chemical products cause hair loss. Hair, aesthetics, and beauty are some of the most critical factors. However, wind, moisture, chlorine, sea, air pollution, and irregular nutrition can cause hair to spill. The underlying cause of hair loss can be a health problem, which can be treated with medication and herbal solutions.

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Factors Responsible For Hair Loss

  • Aging.
  • Not washing your hair for quite a while and walking with filthy hair.
  • Frequently dyeing and utilizing shampoo.
  • Faulty beauty treatments or products used. Nutrition deficiency in the body.
  • You’re brushing while hair is dry and sterile hair fractures speedily.

Tips To Prevent Hair Loss

There are herbal treatments that you can be done at home to prevent hair loss in women. Mixing coconut oil and olive oil is the most commonly used technique and natural way to prevent your hair from falling.

Another natural way is by using cloves. Put 10-15 cloves in a glass of boiling water and brew for 10 minutes. You can apply this water directly or can massage your scalp with it for better results.

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