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Shapewear Benefits: Can Wearing It Flatten Your Stomach?

There are many benefits to wearing body contouring shapewear, here is how much it is useful in flattening your stomach.

What’s the main reason to buy shapewear? With shapewear quickly becoming a wardrobe staple, most women would say that they want to enhance their curves. However, it’s always a question in everyone’s mind “Can it actually flatten your stomach?”.

So the answer is getting a flat stomach is hard, and shapewear won’t permanently flatten your stomach. It also carries some risks which you should consider first.

What is Shapewear and How Does it Work?

Shapewear is a type of compression undergarment designed to impermanently adjust the wearer’s body shape, to obtain what some view as a more fashionable shape. The function of shapewear is not to enhance a bodily feature, but it helps in making it more appealing.

It works by pushing fat in and squeezing your entire stomach area. Shapewear can temporarily shave a few inches off your stomach and waist, but it won’t work wonders. If you have much fat on your belly, your stomach may look fit in shapewear, but it doesn’t mean that it will look flat.

Shapewear Benefits

The major benefits of wearing these specially designed body-shaping undergarments can be reviewed as follows:

  • Better appearance
  • Instant slimmer look
  • Confidence and Self-Esteem
  • Increased Heat, Better Workouts
  • Posture Support

Weight Loss by Shapewear

A healthy diet and workout plan is a much more comfortable and safer way to lose weight, but you can also lose some weight by wearing compression shapewear. However, you have to be extremely cautious while selecting the size, or else you will end up with serious health problems. Shapewear can play an essential role in your weight loss program in several ways.

  • Wearing it while you’re trying to lose weight can give you an idea for a slimmer appearance and can help you stay motivated.
  • It can complement your weight-loss goals by raising your workouts.
  • A compression garment like a waist trainer can direct you towards eating smaller portions.

While compression wear can help you shed a few excess calories by sweating, it’s unlikely to help you lose significant pounds. Besides, if you were sweating enough to lose weight, you’d soon end up dehydrated.

Some companies market different variations and claim that they will help you lose weight by increasing circulation and massage. Don’t fall into those traps and only select it from a reputed brand.

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Choosing Shapewear

Firstly choose Shapewear having breathable fabrics to prevent sweat from getting caught against your skin. For best advantage, it should fit snugly against your body but should not dig into your skin or hurt. If you feel dizzy, find yourself excessively sweating or experience discomfort, stop wearing it immediately.

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In some other cases you may notice breathing difficulty or tingle around or under the compression wear, don’t ignore these symptoms and immediately stop wearing it. Remember good shapewear should not hurt or interfere with your ability to do your usual daily tasks.

Risks of Shapewear

Extremely tight compression wear can even damage tissues and organs. Avoid wearing compression wear that is painfully tight, and limit your use to seven to eight hours a day.

Very tight shapewear can be dangerous so selecting one as per your size is extremely important. As shapewear works by putting pressure on your body, it can slow circulation to the area, which may cause serious health issues.

In some cases It may cause the area around the edges of the compression wear to swell. So when you take it off, it can make you look heavier.

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