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WordPress Set Featured Image From URL

Whether it’s a corporate website, a blog, a magazine, or an e-commerce store, WordPress is considered the most accessible and manageable resource. That’s why within a few years of time, WordPress is very much popular among all.

Often we came across small issues which matter most, those who are using WordPress may face this issue while using external image servers. While WordPress provides options to add media from external links, there are no options available to set an external image file as a Post or Page Featured Image.

This can be achieved programmatically but we suggest making it through plugins, as it’s a bit tricky to do it manually and you may break your site completely while changing WordPress system codes.

While there are many available plugins to choose from, we recommend selecting the plugin which is recently updated with the most positive reviews. Here are the two best plugins that serve the purpose,

Key Features:

  • Use an external image as the featured image for posts, pages, and WooCommerce products.
  • The plugin can use the first image as a Featured Image.
  • Featured Images are shown in a new column on the table of posts/pages/products/categories in the admin menu.
  • If your theme doesn’t show Featured images on posts/pages/products, it can include the image at the beginning of the content automatically.

Key Features:

  • Set Featured image by URL for all post types including post, page and WooCommerce product.
  • WooCommerce Product Gallery by URLs.
  • Image from URL for WooCommerce Product variation.
  • Display Resized Images like “thumbnail”, “medium” or any custom size.
  • Lightweight & Easy to Use.

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