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Samsung Launches SmartTag 2 With 700 Days Of Battery Life

The Galaxy SmartTag 2 can be used to keep track of precious items as well as your pets.

On October 5, Samsung announced the launch of the Galaxy SmartTag 2. The product is set to make its global debut on October 11. Samsung claims that the successor to the Galaxy SmartTag, which was released in January 2021, can last up to 700 days, which is twice as long as the first version.

The ring-shaped tag brings new tracking features for important items and even pets. The new SmartTag 2 includes a Lost Mode that allows users to enter their contact information by sending a text message.

Samsung Galaxy SmartTag 2 Features

The new Lost Mode on the Galaxy SmartTag 2 allows users to add their contact information via text message. Once the lost tag is discovered alongside the item, anyone can scan the tag, which will then display the owner’s details. This feature is compatible with any mobile device that has an NFC reader and a web browser.

Samsung has also upgraded its Compass View function, which makes it easier for users to monitor directions with the help of arrows. According to Samsung, the feature is available on all Galaxy smartphones that support UWB.

The SmartThings Find app has also been upgraded by the company. Registered Galaxy SmartTags now install an app shortcut on the user’s phone. This way, users can launch SmartThings Find more quickly. In addition, to improve the user experience, the app has a full-screen map view and a new simple UI.

In power-saving mode, the Galaxy SmartTag 2 offers 700 days of battery life. The SmartTag 2 battery may last up to 500 days in normal mode. When compared to the first-generation SmartTag models, this effectively doubles the battery life.

Samsung Galaxy SmartTag 2 Features

Image: Samsung

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The tracking device is water and dust-resistant, with an IP67 rating. Samsung has incorporated a large metal loop that strengthens the product by using metal on the interior of the ring to support accessories such as clips and keyrings.

According to Samsung, these accessories can be attached to bags and luggage. The Galaxy SmartTag 2 includes a new pet with a walking mode that allows users to document their pet walks.

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Privacy And Guidance On SmartTag 2

The Galaxy SmartTag2 uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and UWB capabilities, as well as Augmented Reality (AR) Find technology, to visually lead consumers to locate their misplaced items directly from their smartphone camera. It only works on Samsung Galaxy handsets and has a maximum Bluetooth range of 120 meters.

The risk of being tracked comes with such tracking devices. Samsung has made the device’s location available only with the user’s agreement for this purpose. The SmartThings app, according to Samsung, encrypts user data. Users can disable Lost Mode and remove the message left by the device owner if they want to hide their personal info.

A new feature known as “Unknown tag alerts” notifies users of any illegal tracking by sending a notification if SmartThings Find detects an unknown SmartTag following them.

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