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How To Shrink Jeans Fast? 7 Stylist & Best Way To Look For

Here are 7 stylish and fast ways to shrink your jeans.

Looking for how to shrink jeans? Well, it’s a fact that we all love jeans no matter whatever the occasion may be. We are not like the old days anymore when girls used to put jeans only during the fall and call it a jean season.

Whatever the occasion it may be, it’s disturbing when we find out our favorite pair has stretched out and lost its shape.

We all search for how to shrink jeans to ready to rock them again. So before losing your hope try this 7 stylist and best ways on how to shrink jeans fast.

How To Shrink Jeans?

Shrinking jeans is not that difficult but needs care while doing or else you will lose them. Jeans aren’t designed one size that fits and that’s why we all purchase a pair that’s one size too large. This requires proper shrinking for a best and perfect fit.

You can also try DIY hacks on any of second hand or thrift store jeans. If you are in a relationship then its fun to try some hacks on your boyfriend jeans and shrink them down to your body for a great fit. Always remember that jeans need an extra bit of care which will eventually make them last lifelong.

How To Shrink Jeans

1. Heat Up Using The Dryer

Most denim is made from cotton which is susceptible to shrinking when exposed to dampness and heat. So it’s easier to get a perfect fit with a little heat. Grab one of your favorite pair from the wardrobe and heat it up using your hair dryer to shrink it perfectly.

2. Boiling Water Treatment

Putting your jeans in boiling water is one of the best alternatives to shrink your favorite pair of denim. For those who search for how to shrink jeans at home, this may be the best option they have.

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Put your denim submerged in boiling for 30 to 35min and then pop those pairs in the dryer on high heat. With this wash and dry approach, you will get perfectly shrink jeans within no time.

3. Use Fabric Softener

If you want your favorite pair of jeans to shrink in particular areas then this is the best option for you. Mix 1/4 fabric softener with 3/4 water and apply it in the areas where need it to be shrunk to get a stylish fit. After that put them in the dryer on high heat until they are fully dry.

4. Iron The Denim

If you are looking for some home DIY ways on how to shrink jeans fast then applying iron is the best way you can find. With ironing, you can also target some specific areas for a stylish skinny fit. Iron the entire jeans or just the areas needed and cool them down for a best fit skinny jean.

5. Wash And Dry In Hot

This is one of the most effective and traditional ways that most of us might know about. Wash your jeans in hot water and dry in hot to shrink jeans easily. Remember to cool it down before putting them on.

6. Wear Leggings Underneath

This method is mostly for colder climates and months. While some may feel its a painful way to shrink jeans others feel comfortable with wearing especially in colder months. This is one of the easy and fast ways to put on your jeans without being worried about any time consuming shrinking process. And the best part is that it will be a hidden secret and no one will ever notice.

7. Visit A Tailor

So finally if you looking for a permanent solution to your question “how to shrink jeans” then this is the best thing to do. Seek for the help of a professional tailor who will cut your denim and take away few centimeters or even inches to finding a long-lasting result that’s literally made for your shape.

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The Bottom Line

Shrinking jeans is an easy process and can be done easily with the above-mentioned ways. So next time you want to throw away your old pair don’t hesitate to give these easiest and stylish way a try to shrink your favorite jeans down to size.

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