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How To Get From Cancun to Tulum, Mexico

From renting a cab to taking bus these are some best ways to travel from Cancun to Tulum.

How do you get from Cancun to Tulum? Getting from Cancun to Tulum is pretty straightforward and easy. There are a lot of options like hotel shuttles, private drivers, rental cars, and buses to choose from.

How To Get From Cancun to Tulum, Mexico

Cancun to Tulum

In average it takes about one hour and a half from the Cancun Airport to Tulum and one hour and 45 minutes from the center of Cancun. Whether you are traveling from Cancun airport to Tulum or taking a bus ride from Cancun this post will help you out.

1. Cancun Airport to Tulum

If you are thinking about spending a vacation exploring Mexico and making a trip to Tulum then the best way is to land on Cancun Airport and travel from the Airport to Tulum. So how do you get from Cancun Airport to Tulum?

The first thing to remember that there is no direct public bus from the airport to Tulum and taking a taxi is expensive and consumes nearly one and a half hours. So the best way is to go for a private transfer and travel comfortably from Cancun to Tulum.

2. Taking The Bus From Cancun To Tulum

You will easily get the ADO bus from ADO bus station in Cancun. ADO is the main bus in the Yucatan Peninsula and provides bus service to all of the major destinations. Whether you are looking for a short distance journey or long distance travel this ADO bus company will cover you completely.

You will get it from the downtown Tulum bus station or the Tulum ruins stop, which are two stations in Tulum. There are about 30 buses a day going from Cancun to Tulum however, remember that not all buses stop at both locations.

Taking The Bus From Cancun To Tulum

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They start in the early morning and to just after 10:00 pm. The bus trip takes between 2:05 and 3:20. You can easily look at the bus schedule and prices here on ADO’s website.

The price for the bus to go from Cancun to Tulum is between about 80 pesos to about 150 pesos. However, it also depends on the time you go and promotions.

3. Using Colectivos To Travel

Colectivos are one of the other options to go for while traveling from Cancun to Tulum. These are minivans that pick people up and will drop you at most places you want to go to. But the sad part is that it is not available from the Cancun Airport.

If you are planning for shorter routes then Colectivos are the best thing to try. If you want to go with Colectivos then you have to first take a Colectivo to Playa Del Carmen and then switch to the Colectivos that go from Playa Del Carmen to Tulum.

To take the Colectivo you have to go to the ADO bus station in downtown Cancun. Collectivos are somewhat cheap than the bus but for traveling between these two destinations, it’s better to take the ADO bus. It will not only provide you more space and comfort but also help you carry a fair amount of luggage.

4. Renting A Car To Travel From Cancun

This is the best way to travel to Tulum and probably one of the cheapest. You may have the question how should renting a car can be cheap? But believe me for some reason the car rentals are insanely cheap in Cancun.

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Common Faqs on How To Get To Tulum

How To Get From Cancun to Tulum

Can you fly to Tulum?

There is no way you can fly to Tulum as there is no international or domestic airport in Tulum.

What is the closest airport to Tulum?

If you are planning to visit Tulum then you have to land on the Cancun International airport (CUN). It is the closest airport to Tulum, which takes only under 2 hours to reach there through most of the common transports.

What is the distance from Cancun to Tulum?

It is 73 miles south of Cancun.

How is the drive from Cancun to Tulum?

Its a quite smooth and easy ride from Cancun which is on 4+ lane highway(Mexico 307) with few stops and checkpoints.

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What is the driving directions from Cancun to Tulum?

It is a straight drive on 307 Highway with no tolls at all. You will pass through a couple of towns and large towns like Playa Del Carmen. Don’t take the local roads and always stick with speedways.

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