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How To Lose Face Fat: Tips, Exercise & Home Remedies

Sometimes the reason behind the face fat can be serious health issues.

How To Lose Face Fat: Face fat can be difficult to lose. Most girls don’t aware of the fact that nearly 20 percent of American girls suffer from face fat. All of us hate it when people pull our cheeks and state that you got baby cheeks, however with time it stops being cute. So, like most girls, if you are also looking for how to reduce face fat and remain to stay out of it in the future then you are in luck. This post will completely guide you through the process to reduce face fat and stay out of it for a good-looking face.

Face Fat: Facts

Face fat is very common all over the world and it is a really obvious thing and not a problem. Everybody is pretty in their own way and nothing about you needs to be changed. Everybody loves a chiseled jawline and high cheekbones.

However, you may feel that no matter what you do, your chubby cheeks and that double chin seem to stare right back at you in the mirror every day. If it makes you feel embarrassed about yourself, there are ways to reduce face fat and fix it completely.

As per the survey, many women of all ages are aware of their chubby faces and want to know how to reduce face fat for a thinner face. So for that, we did a little analysis for you. Here is everything that you need to learn about face fat, why you’ve got it, how to lose face fat, and more.

What Is Face Fat?

When fat gets stored in certain regions of your face, resulting in a rounder, fuller and puffier look, it is known as face fat.

Our face has a lot of layers starting from the bone which provides the face its own shape, followed closely by muscles, and subsequently comes fat along with the final layer of the skin. It is the fat layer where the face fat is located. Now the question is how to reduce face fat and why it’s needed.

How to know if you have to Face Fat?

If you are looking for how to lose face fat then you need to first know whether you have face fat or not. Fat build-up generally takes place in different fat pockets present on the face.

These portions are generally the cheeks, the eyelids, the chin, the jawline, the side of the face, and around the neck. So, if your face has continuously swollen around these areas over time, then it’s time to take action as you have face fat.

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Why You Should Be Worried About Face Fat?

Extra fat on the face will definitely make a much visible difference and this is the primary reason why people want to know how to lose face fat. Face fat is a common problem among most people however having chubby cheeks is not always cute. You must know the fact that face fat or facial bloating may be a sign of serious health conditions and obesity.

Reasons Behind Face Fat:

If you are looking for losing face fat then you should first know the reasons behind it. There are many factors responsible for face fat such as:

1. Hormonal Reasons

Most of us are unaware of the fact that face fat is a sign that your period is coming. Right before the period, our body encounters a spike in the hormone progesterone, making facial swelling a common PMS(Premenstrual Syndrome) symptom.

In some other cases, medical conditions like hyperthyroidism may be the reason behind face fat. It is a lack of thyroid hormones resulting in rapid weight gain which is why the face becomes bloated. However, these kinds of facial bloating have separate treatments from face fat.

2. Poor Diet

Best Fruits For Weight Loss

Improper diet is one of the few reasons behind any form of weight gain. Most of cases the fat accumulation starts due to the consumption of junk food, carbs, and sodium-rich foods.

In some other cases, lack of essential nutrients may result in face fat that’s why if you are looking for how to lose face fat then maintaining a proper diet is the first thing that you should do.

3. Dehydration

Best Times To Drink Water

If you aren’t aware of the importance of water then you must start considering it from today. Dehydration or lack of water is one of the main reasons behind weight gain.

Many people don’t aware of the fact that the face is one of those areas where excess water is stored. So when the body realizes a drop in water intake then your facial tissues store anything they can and thus bloat your face.

4. Smoking And Alcohol Consumption

lose weight

Smoking can cause many serious health problems and is the main reason behind the weakening of the facial muscles and ligaments. These facial muscles and ligaments are responsible for holding fat pockets.

Drinking too much alcohol can be damaging in many ways. While having some occasional glass of wine is fine, going overboard with your alcohol intake can be one of the greatest causes of face fat and bloating. Alcohol is high in calories, low in nutrients, and makes you dehydrated which causes face fat.

5. Allergies

Bloating can also mean that something is fishy in your digestive process. For some people, certain allergies such as food allergies may be the reason behind face fat. So if you are looking for how to lose face fat then there is a higher chance of indication that you may have been consuming something that your body does not accept.

Tips & Treatments To Lose Face Fat:

Losing weight can be a challenge when you want to lose fat from a specific area of the body. Face fat can be a frustrating problem to solve and requires more attention than others. There are many faster fat loss techniques to reduce fat in the face like:

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Face Exercise To Lose Face Fat

Facial exercises can be used to improve facial appearance, combat aging, tone facial muscles, and improve muscle strength. However, face exercises alone won’t help burn all the fat on your face. Here are some easy face exercises that can help you burn those extra calories and lose face fat:

1. Chin Lifts

Chin Lift is one of the best ways to lose face fat. Follow the steps below to do it properly.

  • Lift your chin towards the ceiling and fix your eyes on a place.
  • Now curl your lower lip over your top as much as you can and hold for 10 minutes.
  • Next, smile while your lower lip is still curled and hold for 10 minutes.
  • Repeat 10-15 times.

2. Stick Out Your Tongue

If you are looking for how to reduce face fat then sticking out your tongue is one of the best face exercises to do.

  • Simply open your eyes and stick out your tongue.
  • Try to touch your chin with your tongue.
  • Hold it for 10 minutes.
  • Do it 3-5 times.

It will certainly make your face thinner, fortify your facial muscles and decrease fat from the lower portions of your own lips.

3. Open Wide

Reduce your jaw with your tongue resting on the back of your gums and extend as far as possible. Hold it for 10 minutes and repeat 10-15 times. Your muscles should feel tired quickly.

4. Facial Massage

Were you aware you could give yourself a facelift by massaging your face for 5 minutes each day? A facial massage will help to increase blood circulation(which can help in detoxifying), tighten your facial skin, flush out toxins, release anxiety, and reduce sinus pressure, puffiness, and water retention.

In addition, it helps your skincare products to penetrate deeper! Massaging your face daily for a few minutes may also assist you in getting rid of excess fat, especially from your cheeks and chin.

Listed below are a couple of things to Remember before going forward with a face pampering session:

  • Never massage your face when you have pimples and acne.
  • The best time to do it would be shortly after applying your regular serum or oil or day/night lotion for better skin absorption. If you do not have a skincare regimen this innovative then you can massage any oil, cream, cream, or lotion which is suitable for your skin type.
  • The trick lies in the motion of your palms. Don’t rub vigorously or slap yourself. Firm tapping, tapping cheeks and chin in a gentle circular motion with your fingertips can allow you to receive a slimmer face. Use the middle fingers of both your hands to tap or pat together your jaw.
  • Consistently massage your face and neck with your hands with upstrokes and moderate pressure. Massage your neck and neck region upwards using the backside of your palm.

If you want better, quicker benefits of facial massage, then you can use facial massage tools or machines too. Chinese Jade rollers are a powerful face slimming tool that has become quite popular worldwide.

Give 5 minutes each day and massage these issues right off! Here is how you can give a facial massage at home in only 5 minutes for a facelift.

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Home Remedies To Lose Face Fat

Home Remedies To Overcome Face Fat

For those who are looking for some home remedies to lose face fat, here are some options you can try. These tips not only help you get rid of face fat but also make your skin more beautiful and glowing in a natural way.

As there is no side effect to home remedies, most people opt for these than the surgical process.

1. Lemon

Most of us are aware of the fact that lemon helps in improving metabolism. Lemons are also beneficial in burning fat and reducing inflammation. This is one of the best home remedies to lose face fat.

To get the best results, mix some lemon drops in a glass of warm water along with half a teaspoon of honey and drink it on empty stomach for best results. This will not only help you get rid of fat from the face but also from the entire body.

2. Green Tea

Rich in antioxidants, green tea boosts metabolism and helps eliminate toxins from your bloodstream, enabling a more free flow of blood to the face and other areas of the human body. Drink 2-3 cups of green tea in a day.

It also helps your body to decrease water retention too. No wonder why it is a favorite drink for anyone who’s attempting to eliminate weight. Add just a bit of honey to it to enhance the flavor.

3. Cucumber Peel Mask

Cucumber can help to reduce the bloated face. Packed with water and fiber, it is one of the best things for remaining hydrated and keeping skin cool. Make a paste from freshly obtained cucumber peels and apply it on your face. It’ll reduce any swelling on your face with its own cooling effect.

4. Glycerin

Glycerin is an active ingredient in the production of soaps and essential for maintaining skin tight and fit. All of these results are because of its cleansing properties. Produce a glycerin mask by mixing 1 tablespoon of glycerin with a few peppermint oils and half a tablespoon of Epsom salt.

Use a cotton swab and apply it to your neck and face. Wipe it off with cold water after a couple of minutes to get a toned face area. It needs to be done 3-5 days to eliminate face fat, per week.

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