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A Guy’s Guide to Gaining Ground in the Workplace

Do you feel like you’re stuck in a rut at work? Do you feel that your career is moving at a snail’s pace? Would you want to learn how to gain more ground in the workplace?

If you wish to advance your career, then you should read up and take heed on what you can do.

Charting Positive Pathways

Whether it is identifying goals, investing in executive coaching services, or maintaining a positive work/life balance, you should know that the first step to changing your career path starts from you.

You are the best person to tell yourself what you want and how to get it. Of course, you will need others to help you throughout your career journey. However, it is crucial that you also know where you stand so you will also know where to go.

When you want to scale the career ladder, then you have to make conscious decisions and take concrete steps to achieve your goals. Here is a simple guide that you can follow to make it to the summit of your chosen profession:

1. Map out your goals

Again, it is vital that you know where you currently stand. Ask yourself if you like your job or if you are even in the right industry. Some people find themselves in a career slump simply because they do not even like their line of work. If this is the case, ask yourself if you are ready to switch departments, apply to a different company, or shift industries entirely.

If you have identified the right job fit for you, then it is time to map out your goals. What do you want to achieve? You can start by identifying small goals and work towards bigger dreams or objectives.

Do you want to be promoted in a year? Would you want to earn enough for a vacation or purchase a car? Identify your goals and design a concrete plan on how to achieve them. Make sure to include actionable steps and set realistic deadlines.

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2. Track wins and losses

It is also important to be cognizant of your own performance.

Pat yourself on the back for your wins. Whether it is getting a proposal approved or successfully launching a new product, take time to celebrate little victories. Be your own cheerleader so you can look forward to more triumphant moments with confidence.

Just as you rejoice with grace and humility, you should also learn to accept your losses. If you have made a mistake, apologize and take responsibility. Reflect on what you did or did not do that resulted in missed targets. Learn from it and carry on with a strong resolve to do better next time.

3. Identify gaps and expand skills

When you are open-minded to both your strengths and weaknesses, you are better equipped to know what to do.

As the famous philosopher, Socrates said, “the only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.” If you can recognize what you lack in yourself and have the courage to accept that fact, then you can look for ways in improving yourself.

Lifelong learning is not just a trend but a fact. If you stop learning, you will get left behind. Expand your knowledge, skill, and talents by enrolling in career development courses, career identity workshops, leadership and management training, and other learning opportunities.

4. Learn to communicate effectively with management

You should also make sure to communicate effectively not only with your peers but also with management. Career advancement should be a two-way street. It is better that you also inform your boss, your HR, or upper management about how you envision yourself growing with the company.

This way, you can have a healthy discussion on what your expectations are from each other and how you can both work towards achieving a mutually beneficial relationship.

Learn to ask questions and request feedback. You can also ask for a mentoring relationship with someone whom you trust and respect in the company. This way, you have also informed of your strong points as well as your shortcomings.

You can also explore possibilities about getting executive coaching services with management. Discuss how such a program can benefit not only employees with high potential but also the company in the long run.

Executive coaching can help create leaders who are more self-aware, self-confident, focused, and has a wider understanding of the management landscape.

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5. Love yourself

While you may be driven to cover as much ground at the workplace, you should also remember to take care of yourself. There are people who overwork themselves to exhaustion and even death.

Being a busy bee is not all about working for the honey. It is also about stopping to smell the flowers. Make time for leisure and relaxation to free your mind from worries and stress. Let your body recharge and reenergize so you have more energy to do the things that you do – may it be work or play.

If you want to advance at work, you need to ensure that you get enough sleep, a healthy diet, and proper exercise. You can go out to a waterpark to soak some sun or surf the waves.

You can pamper yourself at a men’s grooming lounge (remember that being successful also means looking neat and clean). Or you can simply stay home and enjoy your man cave. Maintaining a positive work/life balance is an ingredient to career success.

Man Hours that Make It

If you want to make it big, then you also have to put in the hours. You cannot shoot for the stars if you do not make an effort to even lift a finger. 

Take note of the above guideposts for advancing your career and you can look forward to enjoying the fruits of your labor.


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