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How To Go Down A Line In Discord

Have you ever found yourself in a scenario where you needed to send long messages as a server admin or a regular Discord member, particularly on Servers? For example, you might want to make a bullet point, then provide the relevant content, go down a line, add the next bullet point, then add more text, and so on. In this case, it is necessary to go down a line while writing your message.

Go Down A Line In Discord

So, this article will show you how to go down a queue in Discord:

  • Using the Shift + Enter key
  • Using backticks [“`]

Going Down a Line Using Shift + Enter Key in Discord

To go down a Line, use “Shift + Enter” when composing a message in a Discord text channel or a friend’s DM. Hold down the Shift key before pressing the Enter key. If you press the Enter key first, the entered message will be sent in the current chat rather than jumping to a new line.

Follow the steps outlined below to put it into action.

  • To begin, launch the Discord app on your system.
  • Move to the text area, type the message, and then hit the “Shift +Enter” key to go to a new line, followed by the rest of the message in the next line.
  • After you’ve finished typing the message, press the “Enter” key to send it.

The same procedure applies if you want to transmit a message that spans more than one line in a text channel. For example, in the text section of your server’s “general” channel, first put your text in the first line, then press the “Shift + Enter” key, write out the rest of the message in the second line, and click “Enter“.

Going Down a Line Using Backticks in Discord

Backticks can also be used in Discord when you wish to go down a line. Before inputting the initial letter of the message, type three backticks [“‘] and a space. Then, press “Enter” to move down to a new line, add the remaining text, and close with three backticks [“‘].

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Finally, press the “Enter” key. This operation will transmit your message in the form of a code block with several lines, based on your customization. The same method can be used to send a text message with a single or several lines in the Discord text channel.


In Discord, use the “Shift + Enter” key or backticks [“‘] to move down a line. In the first method, type the required message, then press the “Shift + Enter” key and put the remainder of the message in the next line. For the second method, precede the initial letter of the message with three backticks [“‘]. Then, type your message, hit “Enter,” write it in the following line, and surround it with three backticks.

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