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How To Fix A Broken Relationship: Proven Tips To Restore It

Repairing a broken relationship isn't an easy task. Follow these proven tips to restore it smartly.

When two people come together in a love relationship then it’s the greatest source of happiness for them. Yet sometimes it’s the cause of long-lasting sadness and pain. When your relationship is falling, you have at least an option to either put it down or repair it.

However, once it’s broken, it’s pretty difficult to go back in reverse to repair it. If you are facing this situation and searching for how to fix a broken relationship then you have landed in a right place.

Growing up, all of us learn much about fairytale weddings, but we never learned its reverse fact. It takes a lot to maintain love and caring alive for a long time. In fact, I have conducted a short survey last year regarding this with my clients and you will be surprised by its results.

As per the survey, nearly 51% of marriages end in divorce which includes 18% of first marriages and 33% of second marriages. Most of the time stress and expectations are the main reason behind it.

So, the main question is how to fix a broken relationship and make it work again? Here are six steps that you should follow in order to restore your broken relationship.

How To Fix A Broken Relationship:

1. Share Your Feeling

Most couples often do stupid mistakes by not sharing their feelings. If you are not ok with something then share it with your partner rather than fighting over it. This may make some angry reactions initially but with the time you both will understand each other’s feelings.

For a broken relationship it’s the first thing you should do to trigger that soft corner. By doing this, your partner not only listens to your concern but also understands the reason.

How To Fix A Broken Relationship

For example, if your partner is late meeting you for dinner, instead of attacking with a phrase like, “You’re always late!”, try to say like: “I feel really upset when you do like this and it makes me feel like you don’t love me anymore.” This will do the job for you without hurting your partner’s feelings.

2. Listen

This is the most important thing in creating a better relationship. Often, most of us get into arguments so hard that we forget to actually listen to what the other person is telling. If all you hear is your partner complaining then you are not listening.

It’s a common thing in most of the relationship and should be taken care of effectively in order to fix a broken relationship. In order to fix this, try to sit down with your partner and let them talk their side of the story completely.

Don’t counter or interrupt what they’re saying and you will realize that your partner isn’t completely wrong. Make them do the same with you. It’s always good for both of you to let it all out without screaming at each other.

3. Let Go Your Anger

If you have a broken relationship because of a lie or misunderstanding by any one of you then it can unquestionably trigger some anger. In order to rebuild your relationship, you have to let go of this anger.

How To Fix A Broken Relationship

If you surely want to repair this relation then don’t wait for the other person to apologize, instead, both of you sit down and talk about this matter to fix it.

4. Communicate

Proper communication is the key to fix a broken relation, so it’s better to communicate with each other properly. Don’t start the communication with a negative tone. Instead, go with a soft and short approach and wait for the answers from your partner’s end.

How To Fix A Broken Relationship

If your partner does something that bothers you, tell them. Discuss what upsets either of you so that you can make sure it doesn’t happen again. If you don’t discuss these things, then the same thing will happen again and again until you’re at breaking point.

You have to admit that your partner isn’t a mind-reader. Unless you tell what makes you upset, how are they supposed to know?

5. Love

Let go of all your negative thoughts and think about the good qualities that your partner has. Try to reconnect with your partner with loving feelings, even if recent communications have made you feel separated or angry.

How To Fix A Broken Relationship

Look at old photos and try to visualize special times in your relationship and the dreams you had together. This way you will find a way to forgive yourself and your partner for which you both are now in this situation.

Reach out to your other half to express your love and affection physically and emotionally. For this, you can

  • cook a meal
  • plan a dinner
  • or a movie night

This will not only fix the broken relationship but also helps in regenerating the warm feeling you have towards another.

6. Plan A Trip Together

How To Fix A Broken Relationship

Lastly, a vacation alone is a must for both of you. If your relationship is on the edge, this might be the refresh button you need to continue forward.

However, remember that this trip is all about rebuilding your relationship, you’ll want to make sure to plan some romantic destination where you both can spend time alone. Try to create some unforgettable memories together, this will rekindle your relationship.

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The Bottom Line

Relationships aren’t as easy as they look. Although every relationship and situation is a little different, they require maintenance to work at even the best of times.

Although these six tips can resolve the common question “how to fix a broken relationship”, there are certain times when the situation is at the cliff and requires counseling.

A counselor can help bring out each person’s true feelings and discover the reasons behind the problem. This can then help you to let it go.

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