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[ Solved ] Pokémon Go Unable To Authenticate

Pokemon Go Unable To Authenticate: Like any other game, Pokémon Go players also encounter some errors and the most common one is “Unable to authenticate”. It’s an issue that has been with Pokémon Go right from the beginning.

So, if you see “Unable to authenticate. Please try again” error when logging in to your Pokémon Go account, don’t worry. It’s fixable.

Pokemon Go Unable To Authenticate makes the legit players go frustrated with the game itself. However, if you have been playing this game in a legit way, you don’t need to worry about this glitch or error.

We have compiled all possible fixes available(Taken from the Niantic labs, forums, discussion boards, and Redditors) for the error unable to authenticate Pokemon Go.

You may use a PTC account or Google or Facebook account to sign in and you may use IOS or Android phone, your all possible solutions are packed here.

Pokemon Go Unable To Authenticate: Solutions

1. Check Your Server Status

Server issues do not happen easily. However, if your Internet connection works properly and you still receive the “unable to authenticate or failed to login” error in Pokémon Go, you should, first of all, check the Pokémon Go server status. Because 36% of pokemon go players report this error because of server issues.

To identify this, check the status of the Pokémon go server for your country, or check their Twitter account. You can check the server status for all released countries from the Official Pokémon Go troubleshooting website.

Url to check: http://www.mmoserverstatus.com/pokemon_go

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If the server is stated to be down, there is nothing much you can do rather than wait for the server to be up again. However, if the servers are good and you’re still unable to authenticate, head to the next solution.

2. Check For Pokémon Go Update

The game software may be outdated with issues, and that’s why Niantic keeps releasing updates to bring you the best possible experience. So you should check the latest update for Pokémon Go installed on your device.

If you’re using an Android device, open Google Play or the App Store on your device, and check for updates for Pokémon Go. Then install the latest update.

If you’re using the iOS device, open the Apple App Store and click the Updates tab, then you’ll see whether there is any new update for Pokémon Go. If so, click the Update button to update.

Once update Pokémon Go, re-launch the game and log in to see if it fixes your problem.

3. Check Phone’s Compatibility

There may be an issue with your device’s compatibility to play Pokemon Go. According to the support page, they will support the app only with the following configuration.

If your phone lacks any one of these features you might get a bug “Unable to authenticate”.


  • If you have an android phone make sure to update the OS to be 4.4 or above
  • Required resolution to run the game: 720×1280 pixels


  • iPhone, which is lower than the model 5s will not be supported. You should use the iPhone 5s or above.
  • Make sure to update the iPhone to be iOS 9 or above

Whether it’s Android or iOS, having a strong internet connection is required. To play the game, GPS and location services must be on.

Remember, you can’t play Pokémon Go on rooted and jailbroken devices. If you want to play then you have to unroot the device.

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4. Force Stop, Clear Cache And Data

According to Niantic Labs, if you receive “Unable to authenticate” or “Failed to login”, then chances are you might be stuck up with a temporary server issue. To fix this error, you may need to close the app. Then clear the cache, data and reopen again.


  • Go to Settings –> Apps –>Pokemon Go –> Force Stop.
  • Now find and use the button to clear cache and data.
  • Then re-launch Pokémon Go again to see if it works.


  • Double click the home button to see the most recently used apps and navigate to the Pokemon Go app.
  • Swipe up Pokemon go to close it.
  • Tap and press the icon of the Pokémon Go application, then tap the X icon on the upper left.
  • Tap Delete to delete the application.
  • Open the Apple App Store and reinstall Pokémon Go in your device.
  • Open the application and see if you can log in.

5. Try A New Account To See Whether You Are Banned

It’s likely that your Pokémon Go account has been banned, so you see the error “Unable to authenticate”. If that’s your case, log in with another account.

Niantic Labs bans the players who seem to cheat the game using bots, GPS spoofers and third-party software that worked with a Pokemon Go backend.

Your account might also be flagged for deletion if you ever used falsifying locations and emulators. Users who get the permaban will receive a mail stating the deletion of an account.

If you haven’t violated any of the Pokemon Go TOS and you think this ban has happened mistakenly, you can submit an appeal form by clicking here. Once you submit the form, you will get an auto-generated message confirming the ban. Wait for them to reply.


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