How to Exfoliate Your Legs: Amazing Tips by Dermatologist

We all love to have silky smooth legs. So when it comes to exfoliating, our legs are one of the most crucial aspects of that process. Most of the girls search for skin solutions mainly during summer. With all the sun you’ll be getting, the regular shaving, and the chemicals in the pool, your skin is taking a beating.

So the question is how to take care of your skin and how to exfoliate your legs the proper way? Before moving to solutions there are certain facts that you need to know and understand.

Exfoliate Facts

  • Exfoliating is one of the most important things in skin care as it eliminates dead skin cells which hang around on your skin unless you clean it off.
  • Exfoliators get rid of the dead skin cells which in result make your skin looking younger, healthier, softer, smoother.

How to Exfoliate Your Legs

First thing first, when was the last time you exfoliated your legs? If the answer is never, then its time to give importance to it. Dead skin cells grow on your skin if you don’t get rid of them on a regular interval.

This, in turn, creates ingrown hairs and flaky skin. If you previously exfoliate, then you know the importance of keeping your skin “new” and soft. Removing those dead skin cells reveals newer, healthier skin that’s been trapped underneath.

how often should you exfoliate your legs how often should you exfoliate your legs

So how often should you exfoliate your legs or any other body part for that matter? Many suggest to do it twice a week, however, in my opinion, you should do it once a week. Because once a week is more than enough to keep your skin healthy and soft.

Don’t forget that you’ll need a body scrub to exfoliate with. You can either buy one from your local shop or you can make your own. If you want to create your own body then you do it easily at your home. Coffee and sugar body scrub are two common scrub and easy to make. Take equal quantity of ground coffee and raw sugar and add salt to it. Then add olive oil along with coconut oil in a 1:2 ratio.

In order to get a perfect consistency, you can add more coffee and sugar to it. This scrub can easily last up to 2 to 3 months if you keep it in an air seal container.

Now that you know the significance of exfoliating, how often you should do it, and what sort of equipment you’ll need, it’s time to begin! If you need to shave your legs, then make certain you do that after you exfoliate and not before, your skin will be too sensitive to wash following a new shave!

First, wash your legs as you normally would, just make sure your skin is wet before exfoliating. This is how to exfoliate your thighs the appropriate manner: catch a quarter-sized amount of wash and use it to your knee which is the roughest part of your leg.

Then, in gentle, circular motions start spreading the scrub over your entire leg. You will feel the small granules working their way across your skin, eliminating all that nasty dead skin. It’s an amazing feeling if you’ve never done it before! Ensure you don’t rub too hard that’s exactly what the granules are for!

The circular motion will remove the dead skin cells efficiently. Go down and up your legs until you feel they are soft. Then, rinse off and move right ahead and shave if you would like. Pat your legs dry and use a moisturizer or coconut oil for super soft, silky, touchable legs.

For best outcome do this once a week, every week and your legs will feel the softest you’ve ever sensed them.

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