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How To Fix Steam Broadcast Not Working With Easy Steps

Steam Broadcast Not Working: Steam allows you to broadcast your gameplay without installing any third-party software. The broadcast feature is directly integrated into the Steam app and follows the same level of resources as the app takes.

It is a great tool to stream your content without installing any additional software. The only issue is that when Steam broadcast not working, you can’t watch a friend’s game on Steam, and they can’t watch you.

If you’ve recently faced a problem with Steam broadcast not working, then you’re in the right place. Follow the guideline below for an easy-to-fix solution.

Causes of Steam Broadcasting Not Working

There can be a number of reasons why this function is not working for you. To broadcast on Steam seamlessly, you require a computer powerful enough to decode a video in real time and send it over a High-speed internet connection.

The Broadcast feature requires a computer that’s powerful enough to encode video in real time and a high-speed internet connection. First of all, we recommend you check your hardware requirement to see if they match or not.

  • Minimum Quad-core CPU with current game support
  • GPU that supports H264 decoding
  • 8GB Ram or above
  • Windows 10
  • Compatible Browser

If you’re sure that hardware limitations aren’t causing the problem, there could be other issues affecting your computer and network hardware. Firewall and antivirus software can also cause discretion in-stream broadcasting service.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to fix the Steam broadcast not working.

How To Fix Problems With Steam Broadcast

1. Verify Your Internet Connection

In order to use Steam, you require a High-speed internet connection. Some Steam users say that an 8 MBPS connection with ADSL support is needed as a minimum requirement. If your connection is below this, you’re probably going to receive a lot of connection-related errors.

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So it is always recommended that you increase your internet speed before accessing Steam. Steam will also showcase a “Steam broadcast not working” error if your internet connection is unstable.

2. Restart Your Network

Sometimes a bad CPU cycle and memory connection can relate to the connection not working and giving an error in Steam. In order to fix this restart your modem before going to the next step.

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3. Use Ethernet Over WiFi

An ethernet connection is always preferred for seamless gameplay steaming. It is mainly because with Wi-Fi there are a lot of network barriers that will cause the delay.

4. Check Your Antivirus Program

A lot of antivirus programs flag Steam services as a threat to your system. To fix this, open your antivirus program and use the Steam app installed directory as a safe file. If you’re using Windows 10, you can use the folder as an extension of Windows Defender.

5. Verify Steam Settings

This is an in-app setting that requires some authentication steps. For this,

  • Go to the Steam app and navigate to the Broadcasting section
  • Now check the option Always show live station
  • A small indicator will be showcased on your screen, every time you use Steam broadcasting.
  • You can lower the quality settings and change the resolution if your internet connection is not stable.

6. Restart Your Computer

If you’re using your PC or laptop for a very long time, it is recommended that you restart it. Sometimes the processes and memory management of the operating system alternate other programs to use specified features. Restart your computer to see if it fixes the issue.

7. Reinstall Steam App To Fix The Issue

If you still receiving the same error, then it’s time to reinstall the Steam app. There can be a number of reasons why your Steam client is not working, however, a possible fix is to uninstall the Steam app and reinstall it.

The Bottom Line

Mostly at this point; your steam broadcast problem should be fixed. If not you can always visit the Steam dedicated support page that will help you pass through a specified problem. Check the forum to get official help from Steam developers.

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