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OFC Meaning In Texting, Definition and Usage Examples

OFC Meaning: The simplest way to represent the term “obviously” in online interaction especially while you are texting is to represent it as OFC. It implies that a piece of information should be easily understood. Its a common response founded in the internet world by youngsters.

What does OFC mean?

OFC meaning may not be well known to many. OFC stands for the term of course and surprisingly it’s more popular than what we think. Used by co-workers and friends this term used to answer common questions.

While most abbreviations used in a voice conversation, OFC isn’t used in that way. This abbreviation only is seen in texts in general conversations and in social media.

OFC Alternatives

Basically, there are two more synonymous available to the abbreviation OFC, they are OBV and OBVI. These two popular abbreviations are interchangeable with OFC in most of the circumstances. OBV and OBVI mostly produce a casual tone than that of the OFC but you have to use them carefully as some might take them negatively because of their condescending tone. So it’s better to stick with OFC for a more polite tone.


OFC I’m coming on the trip.
OBV I’m coming on the trip.

How To Use OFC?

OFC can be placed anywhere between the start to the end of a sentence and you can also use it completely on its own as a response to a yes or no question, or alternatively as an expression of agreement with another person.

OFC can also be used in a sarcastic way to answer someone’s question. The sarcastic use of this common abbreviation can further add a nice portion of humor to a conversation. It can be used to confirm a fact or opinion too that doesn’t clear to someone.

OFC is a very informal way of texting, especially when you send it in a message with your phone. So it’s better to avoid this abbreviation if you writing to someone in a formal way like your superior.

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Example 1

John: “Hey are you going on the trip tomorrow?”

Emily: “Ofc”

In this example, Jhon asks Emily a question which she answered with the abbreviation instead of simply answering yes. Here the abbreviation implies that her “yes” answer is obvious.

Example 2

Robert: Amelia, I’m just checking to see how your progress is. When do you think you’ll be done?

Amelia: Completing the project within a few minutes. do you want me to send it to you when I’m done?

Robert: Sure! OFC it would be great if you add the other members of the group so they can verify the final product too.

Amelia: OFC, not an issue. Thanks!

In this example, Amelia answers her superior with the abbreviation used in a formal way to represent obviously.

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