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Best Sex Positions for Women to Lose Weight Fast

From Bridge to Cowgirl here are 10 best sex position for weight loss.

What if I say you exercise and weight loss can be done in a fun way, would you believe it? Probably not, but this is true and this can be done in your bedroom. Read our guide on sex positions for women to lose weight to know which positions are best to try out next.

By selecting this way not only your intimate time becomes more of an intense workout that burns calories, but it can spice up your sex life and relationship that bit more as well. After researching a lot about this method on my own I concluded with 10 sex positions for women to lose weight fast.

Below I have put together a guide that you can all try at home to help you with burning your belly fat.

Best Sex Positions for Women to Lose Weight Fast

I have listed all the positions in sequential order from warming up positions to intensive and challenging positions. Follow the sequential order to get the best results in a shorter period of time. You might know some of these as different names of sex positions, however, the actual moves will be the same.

1. Missionary

This position probably the most common position for couples and You’d be surprised how beneficial this position is for your core muscles, but it is important to switch with your partner so that you have the woman on top for part of the warm-up phase.

Don’t just follow this for the shake of weight loss, take your time and enjoy this initial phase of intimacy.

2. Scissors


This position is quite easy than most of the sex positions out there but that doesn’t mean it’s super easy. This needs flexibility and practice and with the time you will be able to do it perfectly.

This position will start challenging your upper body and thighs a bit more, and you should feel that it’s more like workout sex now.

You will also have to hold the balance on your hands which will start putting some extra pressure on your arms. Additionally, your upper body will definitely be in the works here which will eventually ​improve your core strength.

3. Lotus

Lotus is one of the most intimate positions which might look like an easy position, but that’s not the truth. In this position, the guy sits on his butt and the woman faces the man while she sits on his crotch. Instead of going up and down on your man, you ride him smoothly.

It’s not so difficult to get into this position, but there’s a bit of work involved now to get into a rhythm and motion. It will target your thighs, abs, and glutes at the same time. If you can keep this one going for a while, you’ll be doing quite a body workout with your partner.

4. Cowgirl


Cowgirl is yet another simple and most common position that most girls try out with their partner. It is one of the favorites for a lot of women as it gives them full command of their body and sexual experience.

As you have full control of the motion, and if you do it right, you can engage a lot of muscle groups like the lower abs and pelvic muscles. Additionally, you will also start feeling it in your calves if you try and get more traction with your feet.

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5. Doggy Style

Undoubtedly it is one of the most popular positions for both women and men. It is great for toning the upper body strength for women. It certainly seems to target the sensations, but it can also be one of the positions to heat up the exercise routine a bit more.

When you are on your knees and the guy penetrates you from behind, you also get to work on your thighs. You can easily modify this style by bending down a little while he is in you and this will give your shoulders some extra workout too!

6. Squatting Cowgirl

From Squatting Cowgirl onwards the sex positions for women to lose weight going to be bit difficult and intense. These positions are worth trying as these are going to target your leg muscles and can build up a lot more strength.

This position is quite similar to the cowgirl with the only difference in using low squatting position rather than using your knees to support your weight.

At first, you’ll probably need some help with balance until your legs get used to it, in the beginning, you can lean forward a little and place your hands on your partners chest gently for extra support. The longer you can keep this position going, the more you will feel it in your calves, thighs, quads, glutes, and even abs.

7. Bridge

The bridge position is one of the best sex positions for women to lose weight as it targets muscles from your arms to your legs. Basically, the woman will support herself with her arms and legs, raising her hips in the air to form a bridge.

Now, your partner can help support your hips, but the more you rely on your own body strength, the more this will become a workout for your arm and core muscles.

8. Arch

Arch focuses a lot more effort and works on the legs, as the body should go into an arch shape. For a lot of women, this is one of the more interesting sex positions, as they still have the freedom to move and adjust their pelvis to change angles and achieve more stimulation. It also loosens the arm muscles a bit more in preparation for the next position.

9. Wheelbarrow


This is one of those sex positions that burn the most calories. The longer you continue with this position the more calories you will burn. Some experts even say by following this position you can burn enough calories that you can skip your gym.

The woman will be supporting herself entirely on her arms, while the partner holds up her lower body. But the more weight the woman needs to hold, the more of an exercise this will become. It’s like an intense plank exercise that can become very pleasurable.

10. Standing

This position will directly target your core and leg muscles and will require some stamina as well. It requires a bit of balance as well, but you can support yourself against a wall or table. It will all be about practice, and you won’t find any other exercises that are this much fun.

Additionally, you can switch to a chair where your partner sits on a chair while you sit on him. This will not only give you full control of the penetration but will also give your legs an intense workout.

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