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Science Based Six Pack Plan To Burn Fat And Get Perfect Abs

Facts to help you give shape your body with perfect weight loss.

Have you ever heard about the science-based six-pack plan? We all often came across different weight loss and six-pack programs over the internet that promise results within a shorter time. So are they true? Well in my view nothing is impossible if you do it correctly with complete dedication.

While different people promise different results, there are certain science-based six-pack facts that are common among them all. I know you are curious that’s why I decided to provide all the facts to get the abs of his dreams.

Science-Based Six Pack Plan

If you are a fitness freak then you must know YouTube star Thomas DeLauer. He put together the Science-Based Six-Pack program to share the routine he says he followed to get the abs of his dreams.

Basically, the science-based six-pack program is a 90-day program built around intermittent fasting. The 90-day program is then broken down into three 30-day phases. If you wish you can start this program with Phase 1 which is called “The Meta Shift”.

During this phase, you have to fast(not completely) for three days per week. You do eat those three days but with an eight-hour window of the day.


The second phase or Phase 2 is called “The Meta Burn”. During this phase, the number of days you fast increases to four, however, all other things like the eating window and fasting window stay the same as before.

The last phase which is called “The Meta Keto” is the most intense phase during which you have to fast for five days per week. Unlike the second phase, you have to shift the fasting window to 18hours with six hours of feasting window.

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As this is the most intense phase, you have to give your complete dedication by staying away from food during those 18hours of fasting.

Facts Behind Science-Based Six Pack Plan

As per the science-based six-pack website, the program opens up a fasting window in which your body targets stored fat reserves instead of being busy digesting food all day long.

Because of this reason, it may look similar to the keto diet, however, it’s not completely similar to the keto diet in that you force your body to burn fat for energy as you didn’t give it anything else to use.

You may this is the only effective way to get the body of your dreams then let me tell you it’s not. There are some other alternatives like Copenhagen Diet which are pretty much effective like this science-based six-pack program.

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Will this program actually give you a six-pack?


Let me clear it first, the science-based six-pack program may not help you get a six-pack and the reason behind this is your body type. You have to know the fact that studies show there are some body types that don’t allow the physical observation of a six-pack, so making any guarantee without knowing your body type is completely wrong. You may feel some results for the initial days but that willn’t last forever.

Most people have the wrong perception that one diet program will work for all. You have to know that weight loss is all about producing changes that you can use in your daily life which will lead to long-term and sustainable effects over the next couple of years.

Who to stay away from this program?

People with a history of Type 2 Diabetes or additional problems with blood sugar should unquestionably stay away from this diet. If they pursue this science-based six-pack program then they could run into issues like hypoglycemia or low blood sugar, which may further lead to hospitalization.

If you are stressed then it’s better to stay away from this plan to avoid further weight gain. Certain studies have shown that stress can lead to weight gain rather than weight loss during most diet plans.

Studies suggest stress during diet produces inflammatory markers like the stress hormone cortisol. This stress hormone can lead to weight gain in your abdomen region.

The Bottom Line

The Science-Based Six-Pack Plan can be effective only if you are healthy. Don’t ever try this for the sake of six abs, consult with a healthcare professional first. Discuss with him how your body may react to this type of program and its outcomes. If everything looks perfect, give it a try to have a six-pack ab of your dreams.

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