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Most Stunning Beaches in Costa Rica That You Must Visit

Looking for the most stunning beaches in Costa Rica? Costa Rica has made a name for itself as the adventure capital which is famous for some of the most beautiful beaches in Central America.

Every beach lover will find something fascinating about these beautiful white sand beaches. Costa Rica beaches are lined with palm trees, volcanic black sand surrounded by tropical rainforest along with mega beach resorts, there’s an ideal beach setting for everyone.

But with so many choices, we’ve rounded up some of the most stunning beaches in Costa Rica that you should definitely visit during your trip to this beautiful country.

Beautiful Beaches in Costa Rica

1. Tortuguero

Most Stunning Beaches in Costa Rica

Tortuguero Beach’s presence in a remote location makes it only reachable by a canal boat from Porto Limon or a flight from San Jose. The main attraction is turtle nesting season which is from February to April and July to October along with scenic hiking trails, guided safaris.

Most Stunning Beaches in Costa Rica

You can also visit the nearby Tortuguero National Park where you can spot other wildlife such as tapirs, ocelots, manatees, monkeys, birds and more. The park is also known for its crocodile-filled canals and lush rainforests.

Although there are a couple of accommodation options available to spend a night in Tortuguero, most of them are pretty expensive. If you have any recommended place then make sure to comment to help others.

2. Jaco Beach

Most Stunning Beaches in Costa Rica

Jaco Beach is located in the center of the Pacific coast in Costa Rica which is a just 2-hour drive from San Jose. It’s a perfect place for both surfers and beach lovers, filled with nightlife, international dining options, and even casinos. Those who love watersports, nightlife, surfing, will find Jaco as a perfect destination for a memorable summer vacation.

Although the beach is great for surfers, many families with children avoid this beach because of its year-round riptides.

3. Manuel Antonio

Most Stunning Beaches in Costa Rica

Manuel Antonio is a perfect beach among the most stunning beaches in Costa Rica. As the water here is consistently calm, it’s a perfect place for families with children. It is surrounded by Manuel Antonio national park.

This park is filled with wildlife and you can easily spot white-faced monkeys, howler monkeys, sloths, and green iguanas. Manuel Antonio is one of the few places in Costa Rica that is home to a healthy population of endangered and adorable squirrel monkeys.

Just west of the beach is imposing Cathedral Point, a rocky headland shielding the beach from powerful waves.

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4. Tamarindo

Most Stunning Beaches in Costa Rica

Tamarindo is an action-packed destination on Costa Rica’s northwest coast known for great beginner surf and a lively nightlife. Playa Tamarindo offers world-class shopping, coastal amusements, and dining but most of them aren’t for budget-friendly travelers.

If you are traveling between October and February then you may have a chance to see endangered leatherback sea turtles that nest on Las Baulas National Park nearby beaches.

5. Playa Dominical

Most Stunning Beaches in Costa Rica

Playa Dominical is situated about 30 miles south of Manuel Antonio National Park, well known as a surfers paradise. You will find enough surf shops and surf camps here, which makes this place surfers paradise.

Along with surfing, Playa Dominical is well known for its nightlife, lined mountains, and lush green landscape. The beach rarely gets overcrowded but don’t worry, you will find some good restaurants and bars in this area.

6. Montezuma

Most Stunning Beaches in Costa Rica

Montezuma beach is one of the most interesting beaches in the country present at the tip of the Nicoya Peninsula. Playa Montezuma beach is the best place for backpackers, divers, and surfers. You can even go to the jungle in search of two nearby waterfalls or wander through the Cabo Blanco and Curú wildlife preserves.

Montezuma town is famous for its great nightlife because of its number of clubs and bars. Most visitors come here to enjoy the romantic scenery, but keep in mind that most of the available accommodations are a bit on the expensive side.

7. Tambor

Most Stunning Beaches in Costa Rica

Northeast of Montezuma, Tambor features mild bay waters that make it a perfect place for swimming and snorkeling which was once frequented by whales. This pink-gray sand beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in the country.

If you are looking for clear beaches that are safe for swimming then this place is a perfect place for you. Note one thing that you may not find many restaurants and hotels over here, so make sure to book in advance.

Apart from these most stunning beaches in costa rica, there are some other beaches that you should visit if you have planned a long vacation. They are Bahia Ballena, Playa Guiones, Playa Pavones, Playa Cocles, and Punta Uva, Samara, Playa Santa Teresa, Playa Flamingo, Playa Conchal, Playa Hermosa, Puerto Viejo, Nosara Beach, Playa Biesanz, Corcovado, Mal Pais, South of Limon.

Safety Tips:-

Pacific Coast of Costa Rica is known for its riptides. So, never swim alone, don’t leave children unattended.

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