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How to Put Lights on a Christmas Tree Like a Pro

There’s a reason why cities and villages around the country add lights to their Christmas tree. Watching all those dazzling lights appear as if by magic on a dark evening. Which is a lovely experience for many, and signals the beginning of the holiday season. The moment the Christmas tree lights go on at home can be just as exciting – but maybe not so much if they don’t decorate the tree well.

Hanging lights on a Christmas tree can be a complex process, especially if you have to spend time untangling them before you can even get started! However, there are numerous tips and tricks that can make the process more faster and easier.

Follow these simple instructions for placing lights on a Christmas tree and impress your family when you turn them on. Whether you choose to have outdoor or indoor tree lights, this guide will help you get there.

How To Select Lights For Your Christmas Tree

If you don’t currently have Christmas tree lights or want to upgrade or change your color scheme, the variety of festive lighting available can be overwhelming.


LED Lights

LED lights are quickly becoming the most popular sort of Christmas tree lighting in the US and UK. LEDs consume significantly less energy than conventional types of Christmas tree lights, making them more environmentally friendly.

They also last up to 5 times longer and do not need to be replaced as frequently. They are cold to the touch, making them suitable for children, and are far less prone to break than incandescent bulbs.

Incandescent Lights

These are the traditional fairy lights that we all remember from our childhood Christmas celebration. The filament lights emit a soft glow that is ideal for Instagram! Incandescent lights are less expensive to purchase than modern ones, and there are generally more bulbs per strand, increasing the intensity of the effect.


To begin, you must determine what color lights you want on your tree. Multicolored lights are great for a cheerful, lively appearance that evokes childhood memories. White lights, on the other hand, provide a timeless glow that complements any interior design style. Choose between warm white tones for a nice atmosphere and cool white lights for a beautiful winter effect.

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How Many Lights Does A Christmas Tree Need?

Everyone seems to have an opinion on how many lights should be on a Christmas tree. The size of the tree determines the answer, the effect you want, and personal preference. Some people prefer a simple aesthetic, while others add more lights and strings for a more dramatic impact.

If you’re not sure how many Christmas lights to place on the tree, a typical rule of thumb is 100 lights per 2 feet. A 4ft tree, for example, should contain 300-400 lights. Try to evenly position them across the tree, with smaller lights closer together and larger bulbs slightly further apart.

How To Hang Lights On A Christmas Tree

How To Hang Lights On A Christmas Tree

It’s time to put the lights on the tree once you’ve decided on the color and type of lights. There is no right or wrong way to hang lights on a Christmas tree, and nothing prevents you from spreading them everywhere. If you want a more consistent design, the following light-stringing methods offer an elegant look that is simple to achieve.

How To Put Lights On A Christmas Tree Vertically

Put Christmas lights vertically for a more contemporary approach to Christmas tree lighting. This method is faster and easier than hanging lights horizontally.

Begin at the base of the tree, near the power outlet, with the lights plugged in but turned off. Divide the tree vertically into triangular parts in your mind. Circulate around the tree, draping the lights in a zig-zag fashion. When you turn them on, take a step back to see that the entire tree is covered and evenly lit.

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How To Put Lights On A Christmas Tree Horizontally

This is by far the most popular way to hang Christmas tree lights, which is also known as the spiral method. Connect the string lights to confirm that the cable reaches properly. Place the lights over the branches beginning at the bottom tier of the tree, closest to the socket.

Drape the lights over the tree branches in a spiral manner, making your way up and around the tree until you reach the top. When you hang lights horizontally, you can add depth by placing some lights deeper into the branches than others.

Christmas Tree Lighting Tips

  • Check that your Christmas lights meet the safety standards and you don’t buy any cheap products.
  • Make sure the lights are operational.
  • String lights first, then add extra decorations like baubles or tinsel. A bare tree is considerably easier to decorate with Christmas lights.
  • Place the tree in the center of the room until you’re done decorating it. When you’re finished, move it into the final place.
  • Always use a step ladder to reach the topmost branches. Perching on a chair or reaching up on tiptoes is a sure way to fall and knock the tree over.
  • Don’t overload the power socket.
  • Never use real candles to light up a Christmas tree.


A Christmas tree is nothing more than a tree without lights. A well-lit tree with cleverly placed Christmas lights truly defines the season, offering a pleasant glow on bleak winter days. Whether you have an artificial or real Christmas tree, an indoor or outdoor tree, lights convert it from a boring to a wonderful, snug, and glittering Christmas highlight.

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