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Top 7 Long Distance Relationship Apps For Couples

From Journey to Couple here 7 best long distance relationship apps that you must try.

It’s a fact that communication is the key to maintain healthy long-distance relationships. With technology improvements, phones tend to be the connecting medium for most of the couples. Whether it’s voice calls, chats or video chats mobiles cover them all, that why most couple search for the best long-distance relationship apps to get the most out of it.

These apps not only provide all necessary chat emojis, video filters, voice chats but also better privacy like the end-to-end encryption to get assured that your communication stays private. Here are we put together a list of some of the best long distance relationship apps to keep it fun, strong, and exciting.

Long Distance Relationship Apps For Couples

1. WhatsApp

It is the most common messaging app known for its unique features and simplicity. WhatsApp allows its users to send messages for free through the phone’s internet connection. It offers a wide range of features like video and voice chat, group messaging, and document sharing. It offers end to end encryption which ensures your communication privacy. You can use it through mobile, web, and desktop app.

2. Facebook Messenger

With reaching user milestones every year Facebook improved its messaging service over the year quite effectively. It allows voice and video calls for free which also supports international calls.

Apart from personalizing conversation, message delivery time it offers a wide range of games to play with your loved one inside the app. Facebook Messenger also offers encrypted message option which gives you the option to choose how long the message lasts before it disappears.

3. Couple

Long Distance Relationship Apps

Couple is one of the best long distance relationship apps widely known for its “thumb kiss” feature. Thumb Kiss is the feature which sends a vibration to both of your phones when both you and your partner touch your phones in the same place.

Apart from this unique feature Couple allows you to create a private timeline of your relationship, and share photos, updates, and messages. It’s your private virtual scrapbook that you can both access and edit at any time. The app also allows you to doodle together, send voice messages, and video chat within the app.

4. Between

Long Distance Relationship Apps

Between is one of the safest long distance relation apps on the list. It allows completely private and safe communication between you and your partner. Between also offers end to end encryption along with password protection to always stay in the safe side.

It also offers a chat feature to send messages you don’t want to save on your phone. You can also build a secret photo album of your relationship.

5. Touchnote

Long Distance Relationship Apps For Couples

TouchNote is a romantic and old-fashioned way to keep communication in your LDR fun and tangible. It allows you to create your personal pictures into postcards.

You can share them with your loved ones with a personal message or can print it into actual postcards and sent to the person of your choosing. The app is free, and the postcards only cost around $2 to $4.

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6. LokLok

This is one of best long distance relationship apps for couples which offers a unique feature however the sad part is that it is only available for Android users. This app allows couples to interact with each other through the lock screen in a creative way.

It allows you to send a doodle to your partner’s lockscreen without the added pressure of having an entire conversation.

7. Journey

This app helps you keep a journal to keep track of what you’re grateful for. Sadness is a real thing that infects your heart and soul when your love is so far away all of the time.

It’s important to stay on top of your mental health when the distance begins to weigh on you. Focusing on your own well-being is a way to make your relationship sustainable when you’re faced with challenges.

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