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GOLO Diet Facts & Review: Does It Work for Weight Loss?

Here is every fact you should know about the internet’s most-searched diet.

The GOLO diet was one of the most-Googled diets of 2016. However, if you are one of the countless Americans who searched the internet for this, you have probably been hard-pressed to figure out precisely what this diet involves.

You will not get enough information over the internet and the information shared on the company website and commercials is filled with marketing talk and misleading promises.

GOLO Diet Facts

Actually, most of what the company writes concerning the diet on its own website is about how insulin, the hormone which delivers blood sugar into your muscles, liver, and fat cells, which affects fat retention and fat loss. And while insulin resistance can cause obesity, prediabetes, and Type 2 diabetes, it can’t be controlled how in which the diet claims it may.

As per the information, GOLO diet strategy optimizes your insulin and stimulates the body to release stored fat and reduce future fat storage by enhancing insulin performance and handling other key hormones related to weight reduction.

However, the GOLO website does not actually explain how it “optimizes” your insulin or improves insulin functionality. Though you can boost your own body’s insulin sensitivity, which doesn’t have anything to do with the way insulin does its job.

Will GOLO Diet Help You Lose Weight?

The GOLO website boasts that the diet was designed by Keith Ablow, M.D., to assist dieters to eliminate weight without crash dieting. However, according to his personal website, Ablow is a psychologist as opposed to internal medicine or weight-loss doc.

That might explain why the program also includes a booklet called “Truth & Change,” which focuses on topics like emotional eating and target setting. “It is excellent that this diet attempts to promote a better relationship with food, which is essential to healthy and sustainable weight loss,”.

While GOLO cites multiple studies as proof that the diet program truly works, the research is covered by the company and they were peer-reviewed nor published, making the results suspicious.

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GOLO Diet Menu

As per the details, no foods are banned on the diet, which is a great thing. As per the GOLO’s website, the diet includes fresh meats, fruits, vegetables, and wholesome fats along with naturally fresh bread, pasta, and butter.

We generally not fans of any weight-loss plan that contains pills or any supplements. However, the GOLO diet prides itself on its special supplement, which contains a blend of seven organic plant-derived ingredients from around the globe and three nutritional supplements, each of which is backed by numerous studies supporting their safety and efficacy.

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The Bottom Line

Any diet plan that depends on supplements or pills is something you should not prefer first. Selecting a diet which mainly focuses on a variety of foods that includes healthy fats is the best way for weight loss. Don’t aim to lose more than two pounds per week or else you may end up hurting your health badly.

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