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Expert Advice For Long Distance Relationship in College

Here are 6 things that you should follow to maintain a healthy long-distance relationship in college.

Most of us had a magical high school relationship or summer fling. Not everyone goes to college single, so the idea of separating to attend your respective colleges can feel grim.

Whether you left your partner back at your hometown while you went off to college or you and your partner decided to attend separate colleges, the idea of separating can feel formidable. Between the partying, late-night studying, spring breaks, and sporting events, you may be missing or worrying about your partner who’s miles and miles away.

And if facts to be believed then from all of the college students who have engaged in a long-distance relationship, only 24% stay together for the lifetime. So it’s pretty clear, if you both love each other truly then you will easily get out of this phase of your life.

When it comes to maintaining a long distance relationship in college, here are some tips you should follow.

Maintaining Long Distance Relationship in College

1. Don’t Take Anyone Else’s Advice

While you are in college, a lot of people will have a lot of different opinions on how to make a long-distance relationship successful. Don’t listen to them because it may ruin your relationship.

The fact is that every human being is different, so what worked for them might not work for you and apart from that, you know your partner better than others. So only do those things that you think will work best for your relationship.

Never let these external factors interrupt your relationship, and suggest your partner to do so.

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2. Make Time For Each Other

Communicate is always a key factor in any relationship and most important for those who are in a long distance relationship. So make sure to plan your schedule by talking with your partner, when you both can interact with each other.

It’s better to give some time, at least once a week to FaceTime/Skype with each other. Video conversation is very much essential to maintain a healthy relationship, so plan some private video call moment when you both can talk with each other.

3. Put Your Partner First Before Your Friends

In a long-distance relation, remember to always put your partner first then others if you want to continue that relationship post-college.

Maintaining a healthy 60-40 percent balance will help you resolve most of your issues. If you spend 60 percent of vacations and weekends with your partner then there will be no problem from their side to spend the rest of the time with your friends. As they both love you, they can understand things from your point of view.

4. Be Open And Honest

Being honest and open with your partner is the most important factor for a healthy long-distance relationship in college. Share your best moments of the day, about your meals, and other basic things with your partner as this will improve your partner’s faith in you.

As your partner is the person with whom you are most open, you can share about anything. Only make sure, not to tell any lie or keep any secret from them.

5. Stay Away From Jealousy

During long-distance relationships in online counseling, this is the main topic I discuss most. Jealousy is the factor for which most relationships don’t go forward and the easy solution to this is Trust. Always trust your partner that they will never betray you. And if you have any issues regarding any friend then talk about it with each other like adults.

If your partner is jealous of someone then make sure you inform your partner before going out with that person and talk about the incident over FaceTime or Skype. This will increase the trust that your partner has for you.

6. Understand Your Partner

If anyone knows your partner best, then it’s you. You can tell when your loved one is happy, what they are expecting, and all that. As you are not physically present with your partner, make sure you understand your partner’s wants and needs. Try to shut-out all your relationship problems by looking at your partner’s communication.

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Physical intimacy is as much as important as other factors. If your partner is the type of person who needs more physical time then you should try to spend some private moments over vacation.

While some couple prefers to engage in sexual acts when they are physically together, others prefer alternative ways like dirty talk, sexting, FaceTime, or Skype. So try to talk out these factors with your partner for a better and healthier long-distance relationship.

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