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Apple Diet Plan: 7 Day Diet Plan to Lose 10 Pounds in a Week

Looking for weight loss? This amazing 7 day apple diet plan is what you should follow.

Apple Diet Plan: You may have come across a large number of diets, however, the 7-day apple diet is one of the most efficient when losing weight in a short period. Most of us know about the benefits of Apple, however, have you ever tried the “apple diet”? Well, if you are not then it’s time to give it a try.

The apple is one of the most complete and rich in fiber fruits which provides essential nutrients like Potassium, Pectin, vitamin C, Amino acids, Antioxidants to our body. Just follow this amazing apple diet which is a low-calorie diet plan in which you eat apples with every meal starting from lunch, breakfast to dinner.

As per facts, apples are low in calories and filled with nutrients. This amazing fruit will not only help you feel fuller but also help you with weight loss. Some research even shows that consuming apple with each meal improves body metabolism and works as a miracle with weight loss.

Apples are also a rich source of iron, calcium, potassium, vitamin A, B, and C, and fiber. Depending on size, an apple may contain 80 to 100 calories.

How Does Apple Diet Plan Work?

Best Fruits For Weight Loss

The apple diet plan works in a simple way, it keeps your regular calorie intake low to about 1000 to 1200 calories per day. The fiber in the apple will bind with the fat molecules and by eating the apples and drinking the required amount of water, these fat molecules are then discharged from the body instead of being absorbed.

Furthermore, this diet plan will help you consume enough vitamins, minerals, and calories to maintain the body so you stay healthy while on the diet. Like any other diet, if you cut calories, exercise, and drink plenty of water you will lose weight automatically.

Apple Diet Plan

In order to get started with the apple diet plan, you need to buy about 2 to 3 dozen apples. As you have to stay with apples only, you need to always carry apples with you.

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During this diet, you have to eat only apples and fluid on the first day and for the next four days, you will eat mostly apples along with other foods that are nutritionally dense. During this diet, you need to stay around a total of 1200 calories for the day.

While exercises are the best way to stay fit, it’s better to stay only with the light exercises during the first two days of this diet plan. Once your body gets used to the lower calorie intake you can slowly increase some exercises.

The 7-day apple diet plan includes:

Day 1

Start your apple diet with a small amount. In the first day go with

Breakfast: 2 Apples.
Lunch: 1 Apple.
Dinner: 3 Apples.

Day 2

Breakfast: 1 apple, 1 glass of skim milk, or almond/ soy milk.
Lunch: 1 apple and avocado green salad, topped with seeds and nuts.
Dinner: 3 Apples.

Day 3

Breakfast: 1 apple; one slice of whole-grain bread and a slice of low-fat turkey bacon.
Lunch: 1 apple and a leafy green salad.
Dinner: 3 Apples.

Day 4

Breakfast: 1 apple
Lunch: 1 apple, 3-4 oz skinless chicken, and raw vegetables.
Dinner: 2-3 Apples.

Day 5

Breakfast: an apple and a bowl of whole-grain cereals and nut milk.
Lunch: an apple, baked salmon, and green salad with a lemon and apple vinegar dressing.
Dinner: 2 Apples.

Day 6

Breakfast: 1 apple, a boiled egg, and one slice of whole-grain bread
Lunch: 1 apple and cabbage soup with chicken breast.
Dinner: 2 Apples.

Day 7

Breakfast: 2 Apples.
Lunch: An apple, skinless chicken, and green salad with lemon and apple vinegar dressing.
Dinner: 3 Apples.

7-day apple diet plan

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7 day Apple Diet: Benefits and Disadvantages

Facts to Consider

The sad fact about 7 day apple diet is that you could get really sick of eating apples. This diet may also cause gastric discomfort for some people. As you have to eliminate your regular food, this apple diet can be difficult for the first few days.

Furthermore, you could get weak, tired, and moody by following this diet, however, don’t fear as this 7day apple diet plan is a well-balanced diet.

This diet is one of the most effective diet plans to follow if you are looking to lose a couple of pounds in a short time. The food preparation is quite simple and healthy to eat. Studies have shown that people who follow this 7 day apple diet, have lower cholesterol than others.

Benefits of the Apple Diet Plan

One of the major benefits of the apple diet is that you will get proper nutrition. However, it’s recommended that you should maintain good hydration throughout this 7 day apple diet period. Good hydration not only prevents constipation but also boosts the effect as well as aids in weight loss.

This 7-day apple diet consists of common ingredients and you can also modify the amounts as per your needs.

Disadvantages of the Apple Diet Plan

Like other diets, this apple diet has some downsides too. Dehydration may be the first disadvantage of the apple diet which requires your engagement to stay hydrated.

Apart from that, this diet is mainly calorie-restricted so you may experience side effects like headaches, dizziness, and irritability. You may also experience gastric hyperacidity due to increased apple consumption.

Some may get into overeating after a 7-day apple diet and may experience a rebound fairly quickly.

Apple Diet: Things You Should Consider

Before following the 7 day apple diet, you need to consider the following things,

  • Before starting any diet it’s always better to consult with your doctor. Do the same before following this diet to see if you are in good health to follow the diet.
  • Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding should not follow 7 days Apple diet.
  • Those who are kidney, liver, or heart diseases should stay away from this diet as it can improve risks to their health.
  • Hydration is essential in the apple diet, so try to consume at least two liters of water every day.
  • You may notice acne because your body is being cleansed of toxins.
  • It’s essential to follow a well-balanced diet after completion of this diet to maintain your physic.
  • Don’t skip your exercise routine and get enough sleep to improve your metabolism.

Maintenance and Detoxification of Apple Diet after 7 days

This quick and effective diet plan was designed to implement during vacation when you have less work to do. Apart from that, you can try this diet during weekends when you are at home resting from the work routine.

Everything you eat during these two days will be only apples and apples. Your body will do the rest of the work to adapt to it.

This diet is carried out over a weekend because the detoxification process requires a lot of energy, so it is a very good idea to carry out when you are not making any physical effort and when your body is at rest.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I gain weight after this diet?

If you will not maintain a healthy diet along with regular exercise then mostly you will be going to gain weight after the 7 days of the apple diet.

2. How much weight can you lose on the apple diet?

Studies have shown that the amount of weight you lose depends on certain factors like age, gender, and activity level. However, on average you will mostly lose up to 6 pounds.

3. Is following the apple diet effective for losing weight?

Yes, you can lose weight with this diet and as you will be eating apples before major meals you will feel full. This will keep you starving free and as a result, you will eat less.

4. How effective is the Apple diet plan?

Participants say they get amazing results with this diet plan, which makes it simple to trust and follow this 7 day diet plan.

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The Bottom Line

Don’t just jump to 7 days Apple diet or any diet for the shake of fast weight loss. Exercise is one of the best ways to lose weight safely and you should try it first. However, if you are willing to lose weight fast then you can go with this apple detox. If you have any health issues then it’s better to consult with your doctor first before jumping into any diet program.

There are various factors that control the effectiveness of this diet such as age, gender, activity level, weight, and workout. So you have to do the math accordingly for the results.

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