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11 Core Abs Workout And Fat Burning Exercises Using Terra-Core

One Amazing Piece Of Fitness Equipment For All Your Workout Needs!

Did you ever listen about a product called Terra Core? Well if you are not then you are living in outer space. Well, its a balance trainer which offers over 250 exercises to help you reach your fitness goals. This product is in trend for a past couple of months because of its amazing offering.

The Terra Core is the virtual aerobic playground, building strength, balance agility, like nothing you have ever used. It is designed to fit the body’s natural shape and gives you enough real estate to support any modality you can dream of. So, its the time you should consider adding this product to your home fitness equipment.

11 Core Abs Workouts Using Terra-Core


1. Frog Crunches

The frog crunches target the abdominal surface. This exercise helps to tone and strengthen your core. Further, it enhances your balance, posture, and cuts down your waist and improves your muscle strength and power.

2. Side Plank Crunches

Side plank crunches improve your core strength, strengthens arms and wrists. It also strengthens your legs, improves contraction and balance.

3. Bicycle Crunches

Bicycle crunches are extremely beneficial for weight loss and Muscle Building. It also beneficial in muscles gain, strength, and energy. Bicycle crunches help in building toned and flattened stomach by attacking the core muscles.

4. Lying Leg Raises With Hip Thrust

This exercise affects not only your thigh, hip flexor, lower ab muscles but also your glutes. Lying leg raises with hip thrust strengthen your thighs, round your hips, tone your belly and define your glutes. The exercise also helps to burn extra calories.

5. Plank To Pushup Beginner

Plank to pushup increases upper body strength, particularly the shoulders, chest, and triceps. It also helps in increasing core strength, particularly the anterior core.

6. Plank To Pushup Advanced

It increases the strength of the posterior core and glutes. This exercise also helps in evening out asymmetries and imbalances between the left and right sides.

7. Side Plank

It is particularly effective for training your obliques, which really helps stabilize your spine, while the reverse plank places the focus on your glutes, hamstrings, abs, and lower back.

8. Decline Sit-ups

The decline abdominal crunch or sit up is an effective strength-building exercise that adds definition to your abs. This is a reasonably simple exercise that will not just enhance your core but also help you get closer to having a six-pack ab.

9. Knee To Elbow Plank

All planks from the most basic static hold to more advanced movement-based changes help grow your shoulder and core, including your abdominals, hips and back muscles. A perfectly executed plank develops healthier posture and balance and improves stability along with your spine.

10. Shoulder Tap Plank

The shoulder taps plank trains and empowers your core, glutes, arms, wrists, and shoulders. This workout helps to overcome lower back pain, enhances your posture and flexibility, and tightens your midsection.

11. Standing Side Bend

Standing Side Bend is a standing position that stretches the spine and obliques and gives you a healthier posture. It helps you to trim waist, tightens your abs and gives you an overall healthy posture by targeting both internal and external obliques.

Here is how you can do these exercises using terra core.

Apart from those abs workout, there are endless exercises you can do with terra core. here is a 5-minute fat burning workout by Zuzka Light using terra core that you should do regularly.

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The Bottom Line:

Terra core is not only beneficial for abs workout but also for several other exercises. With this amazing product, the possibilities are endless. You can improvise to any dimensions, and with the durability, lifelong warranty this will be the only thing that you will need to achieve all your fitness goals.


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