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Difference Between French, Bikini And Brazilian Wax

Confused? Read to find out which of the waxing method you required.

When it comes to hair removal down there we are mostly confused between Brazilian, French and Bikini wax. But don’t worry, if you are planning to try some hair removal down there but aren’t sure how much hair you want to get rid of we are here to make things simpler so that next time you head to the salon you know exactly what to ask for.

Mostly there are three common types of waxing available – Brazilian wax, French wax, and Bikini wax. Before deciding on what to go for, we will help you find out the difference between the bikini and Brazilian wax and understand what is french wax. Go through the post carefully to know the exact difference and which one is best for you.

Difference Between French Bikini Wax, Regular Bikini Wax And Brazilian Wax

Looking to know what is French bikini wax, regular bikini wax, and Brazilian Wax then here is everything you are looking for.

What Is French Bikini Wax?

A French bikini wax differs from other styles like the Brazilian wax where the hair between your buttocks is left to stay. A French bikini wax will typically leave behind a small, vertical strip of hair so you will be bare down there, but not beyond the anus.

The shape of the hair at the front is totally up to you, however, the landing strip is a classic option. It has all the advantages of Brazilian Wax, except in the derriere department. This means you won’t need to stretch and spread your legs as much.

This waxing is great for those who want to go bare but not as extreme as with a full-fledged Brazilian. If you want down there to be smooth and clean of hair, without feeling too bare, French is for you.

Note: You will need to have your underwear off for the most part of the procedure but not the entire time.

What Is Bikini Wax?

Regular bikini wax removes much less hair in comparison to the other two wax methods. This method basically involves the removal of hair around your panty line. This area includes the sides and top of your thighs as well as below your navel. The final result will leave you with an inverted triangle shape of the hair.

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This type of regular bikini wax is great before heading off on a beach holiday for a hair-free bikini line when you slip on your swimsuit, or just to stay tidy down there. Additionally, you can request to go a bit deeper on the sides if you would like some more taken off.

Note: You don’t need to take your underwear off for this procedure.

What Is Brazilian Wax?

Brazilian waxes are one of the most popular and common types of bikini wax around the world. What separates Brazilian wax from bikini and French wax is that it involves the removal of hair from the entire pubic region with all the way under and around the back(your bum fuzz). So in short if you want to feel totally smooth and hairless, go Brazilian.

As Brazilian wax removes hair from the complete region it is one of the most painful types of waxing which requires you to spread your legs wide or to bend and raise your knees to your head so your waxer can reach your most private of parts. So if you are a first-timer just get ready for all the pain before the pleasure of smooth skin.

Note: You need to have your underwear off throughout the procedure.

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When To Go For These Waxes?

french bikini wax

Bikini Wax

A regular bikini wax is a good choice when you are looking for a cleanup. Further, if you’re a first-timer and want to slowly move onto the more painful, full-fledged Brazilian wax then you can go for the regular bikini wax.

French Bikini Wax

French Bikini Wax is a good option if you want down there to be smooth and clean of hair, without feeling too bare. Additionally, if you’re planning on wearing a thong then this is the waxing you should do.

Brazilian Wax

If you are well adapted to the pain of waxing and ready to get rid of all the hair down there then the Brazilian wax should be your preferred option.

The Bottom Line

Getting wax done is one of the best things you can do to you, however, it requires pain handling capacity to do the Brazilian waxing. Initially starting with regular waxing and moving up sequentially to the Brazilian waxing is the best thing you can do.

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