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Google, Meta Bid Millions for Hollywood Content: Report

Google and Meta are apparently attempting to strike deals to train their own distinct AI video generation models.

Google and Meta are apparently joining OpenAI in the artificial intelligence (AI) content licensing competition. OpenAI has signed multiple agreements with news publishers and other websites to use its data to train its AI models.

According to reports, Google and Meta have also joined the market to sign content licensing agreements with Hollywood studios. It is reported that the tech behemoths plan to use this database to train their video production models. Notably, Google recently introduced its AI video model, Veo.

According to a Bloomberg report, Google and Meta are attempting to acquire access to Hollywood studio’s extensive material collections in order to train their own AI video models. While Google may want these agreements for Veo, Meta has not officially revealed any such model. However, according to the report, the social media giant may be developing a video model internally.

According to people familiar with the situation, both companies have offered tens of millions of dollars to work with studios. While Hollywood studios are thought to be interested in forming collaborations, they are also anxious about losing control over how Silicon Valley behemoths exploit their content.

According to the report, Netflix and Walt Disney declined to license their content to the new companies. However, they expressed a desire to develop new forms of collaboration. It is still being determined what these partnerships are. Warner Bros Discovery, on the other hand, has apparently expressed its willingness to license individual shows for AI training, but not its entire content catalog.

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It is believed that the recent incident with Hollywood actor Scarlett Johansson, in which she accused OpenAI of inventing a voice for ChatGPT that sounds remarkably similar to hers, led to Hollywood studios’ concerns.

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