Tipping In Thailand – To Tip Or Not To Tip? Complete Guide

Without proper knowledge, tipping can be very difficult in Thailand.

One of the most difficult task while visiting abroad is to find out the tipping culture of that country. With one of the most favorite destination among all its difficult to find out the rules about tipping in Thailand.

Here are some the common questions that we are going to answer in this post;

  • When should you tip in Thailand?
  • Are you tipping in Thailand enough?
  • How much to tip in Thailand?
  • To Tip or Not To Tip in Thailand?

Tipping in Thailand

tipping in thailand

One of the most asked questions is while you are in Thailand whether it’s correct to tip or not to tip? While I visited Thailand for the first time this question comes to my mind with my first taxi book.

This incident was way back in 2010 and I was pretty confused about tipping in Thailand. So in a hesitation, I end up giving complete change to the taxi driver and he just gives a curious smile to me.

So what’s the conclusion in this? Am I end up giving too much money which he hadn’t expected or something else just happened?

All of my queries shut out once I meet Jhon who is a regular traveler to Thailand and he just explained the process of tipping in Thailand.

Knowing when to tip and how much is very much essential no matter which country you travel to. So to simplify the process of tipping in Thailand I published this post which will definitely help you with your travel to Thailand.

To Tip Or Not To Tip in Thailand?

This tipping in Thailand guide is intended for tourists in Thailand, as it is not common for local Thais to tip. Even though tipping in Thailand is becoming more and more common.

Tipping in Thailand is more common but it’s not mandatory. Some may think tipping is crazy and not to tip this much or that little however one must realize how little daily wages most locals are paid.

The average Thai wage is less than 9,000 baht a month which comes as $300USD so giving extra twenty baht tipping in Thailand is really appreciable.

Thailand Different Places With Suggested Tip

1. Street Food Vendor

Tip: Not Required

Thai Street Food Vendor

Most street food vendors don’t look for tips and they will return you the tip thinking you gave them by mistakenly. One must say they are very co-operative to travels and thinks that you may have given the tip as an overpayment.

Most street food items in Thailand are of fixed price hence not require any tip however, if you think the food is really tasty then you can offer few baht coins.

2. Tipping Your Taxi in Thailand

Tip: 5 to 7 Baht Tip On 100 Baht Fare

Always remember to agree on a price in advance or make sure it will be a metered fare before you get in the cab. Most people round up their fare which includes tipping mount and you should also to that. If the service is not good, it is not expected that you give a tip.

3. Tipping in Thailand Fast Food Restaurants and Coffee Shops

Tip: Not Required

If you visited any self-serve fast food restaurants, coffee shops, and other shops like KFC, McDonald’s, Starbucks, Tom Tom’s, etc then no need to leave any tip. However, if you are visited any shop where the server comes to your table to serve and that has a tipping box then you can leave a couple of Baht coins in them.

4. Tour Guide

Tip: half day tour 100+ baht and full day tour 300+ baht

Tour can differ as per locations and tips too. So it’s hard to find out how much you should be tipping in Thailand for tours.

5. Tipping At Sit Down Restaurants

Tip: 10-15 baht tip for every 100 baht bill

We all tip roughly 10% of the bill every time we go to restaurants. However, if you dine at premium restaurants then that 10% rule isn’t going to be applied anymore. You have to give the tip based on the experience not by the service as service charges are generally added to these types of restaurants.

When tipping in a sit-down restaurant in Thailand always look at the cost of the meal and the service. If you feel that you had an amazing experience then tip a little extra. And if you had a terrible server and dining experience then you shouldn’t tip at all. The same goes when tipping in Thailand at restaurants.

6. Tipping At Bars

Tip: 10 baht for two drinks

Tipping in Thailand bar varies from bars to bars. While going to the general Thai bar where you go and drink your own drinks then no tip is required in that case.

While in some cases if you chat with a bartender for a while and pleased with the service then you can offer up to 100 bahts. It is common for the sky bars in Bangkok to charge a service charge, so no need to tip unless it was exceptional service and you want to leave an additional tip.

7. Tipping in Thai Massage Center

Tip: 20 baht tip for 100 baht message

Tipping in Thai Massage Center

We all know Thailand is famous for its relaxing Thai massage. It’s a fact that Thai massages are quite cheap and being a masseuse doesn’t pay well. Most of the cases masseuses get quite a small fraction of what you pay for the massage and Its also one of the hardest jobs to do. So try to give at least 15% to 20% directly to the masseuse to ensure it goes to the correct person.

8. Tipping Hair Stylists

Tip: 20 baht tip for 200 baht appointment

Hair Stylists Thailand

Most of the high-end hair salons in Thailand have a tip jar at the checkout, you can give anywhere up to 10% however if you are visiting a local Thai hair salon then there is no need to tip. But tipping a 20 baht would be nice to help him out.

9. Tipping The Bell Boys

Tip: Anything up to 50 baht

Bell Boys

If you are planning to stay in a nicer premium hotel then they most likely to send your luggage up to your room. So how much you should tip to the bell boy? Well, it depends how much baht you have, anything from 50 to 100 baht is perfect. Remember that there is no tipping rule in Thailand however bell boys hang around the door when exiting expecting a tip.

10. TUK TUK Drivers

Tip: None

tipping tuk tuk

It’s advisable that you should always negotiate the price before hiring a tuk-tuk. Most of the tourist cities in Thailand you can expect some level of bartering over the fare. Tuk-tuk drivers in Bangkok especially are known for their scams of overcharging or bringing you to shops that they will get a commission from. So it’s better to use Uber or
Grab Taxi when possible.

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For any other services try to pay anything between 10 to 50 baht depending upon the service quality.


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