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Can You Go Swimming on Period? Facts, Tips To Follow

Swimming on period is the last thing that comes to our mind. It can be pretty stressful however if you are planning to swim in your periods then there are certain things you need to take care of.

It’s common to feel sad and anxious during your period. So if you are planning to go swimming on your period then it’s common to feel panic.

Like most girls, if you are planning to go with pads to deal with period leakage then let me tell you it’s not going to work. Pads can’t be used in the water as they absorb water, instead of your period leakage.

So what to wear? Is it safe to swim in your period? Here is everything you need to know.

Swimming on Your Period


Swimming on your period is totally fine and can actually reduce the period cramps. Further, the endorphins that are activated are great for your mood and overall emotional and physical well-being.

1. Is it hygienic to go swimming on your period?

Well, it’s not life-threatening to swim in your period but you need to take care of certain things.

You need to use a tampon or menstrual disc to stop the blood to come out. Remember the water can actually slow down your period but that doesn’t mean you get in to pool using a pad. Even if a little bit did leak out, it would become really diluted in the water.

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2. Which products are suitable for swimming on your period?

Pads and Panty Liners

Unfortunately, you can’t use pads and panty liners as they are designed to absorb liquid. Further, these products will inevitably become soaked the moment you submerge yourself into any body of water.

These products will not help you absorb menstrual blood as they are going to sag like a wet diaper.

Menstrual Cups

Although menstrual cups take a while to get used to, if they positioned well they can ensure no leakage. So it is one of those options which can be useful only if you know how to use it properly.

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It is one of those options which can be useful. The only risk with a tampon is the unexpected “string incident” that occurs sometimes with bathing suits.

This unwelcome event occurs when the tampon string that hangs out sometimes shifts out of your bathing suit or bikini, leaving you feeling absolutely humiliated.

Further, tampons require changing every few hours, and can sometimes cause an uncomfortable feeling of something being there.

Menstrual Discs

A menstrual disc molds to the shape of each woman’s body, making them extremely comfortable and reducing leaking. A disposable menstrual disc is a body-safe and viable option for swimming on your period.

It’s a fact that disposable menstrual discs collect menstrual blood for up to 12 hours. Further, this product not only reduces cramps and lessens period odors, but it also is not linked to toxic shock syndrome.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does swimming help period cramps?

Yes, it can help period cramps! Studies have proven that mild exercise like swimming has been proven to relieve period symptoms, such as cramps.

2. Will swimming on my period attract sharks?

Well, I found this question in most of the forums and it honestly makes me laugh that how far we humans can think. To this question, the answer is a NO as the chance of this happening is extremely rare and there are no reported incidents of a shark attacking someone who is menstruating to this date.

Further, shark attacks are remarkably rare. On average, there are only two fatalities caused by shark attacks every two years in the world. However, if you’re still worried about it then it’s better to stay away from taking any deep dives during your periods.

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