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Should Parents Monitor Child’s Phone Activity? 5 Reasons You Should Be

When children are little and having their first experiences with everything, they have no information about these things or how to take them out. To parents, it may seem like a regular activity, so many don’t take the extra measures to teach kids about it or are afraid they might be getting too much in their business.

For most parents finding the right balance of monitoring and giving space can be a challenging thing, especially for new ones. 

However, when it comes to the technology called a mobile phone, including an internet connection, there is a whole world of possibilities that can put your kids in threat. And yes, monitoring their activity online is the best thing to do when your child is growing, take it from a fellow parent.

The following reasons can help make you the decision to start monitoring your child’s phone:

Retention of Personal Information

Children now use social media more than teenagers or adults as they are introduced to them at an early age. And they think of these sites as the norm and don’t understand the harm until a misfortune happens.

So whenever a site presents them a list of personal information to fill in, they go right ahead. A lot of personal data can also be leaked infrequent status updates, and private chats with strangers marked as ‘friends’. And this information, when disclosed, can sometimes be used in theft or bullying. 

Keeping tabs on a child’s phone from your mobile can allow you to perceive their activities even when you’re away so that they don’t make a mistake on the internet. There are many ways to monitor child’s text messages on iPhone or android by handy apps found on the web, so make sure always to have one installed in your child’s handset.

Identify Substance Abuse or Bad Company

Substance abuse is a grave problem for this generation. It is making a significant population deprived of healthy life and abilities. There is much awareness on this subject with workshops and television; however, no evident action is being taken to avoid its influence on young children. 

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The internet, in addition to the bad company, are the two chief suspects in this case. Through the internet, kids can see other people abusing or using drugs and can start replicating them.

As there is such easy access to drugs and substance out there, they immediately fall into the trap along with the bad apples they meet on the web. Hence, only your early supervision of their activities can stop them from making a life-threatening situation under substance influence.

Prevent Cyberbullying

Cyberbullying has made some upsetting stories come to life in this era of the internet. These cases have shown us time and time again how bad the influence of the internet can be on unmonitored children. Young adults take to the internet to relieve their stress by relying on strange yet compelling beings on the internet. 

These strangers can take benefit of the kids and use their information against them to bully. Cyberbullying can destroy a child’s future and make living the present life highly toxic to them. But the early intervention of the parents can save a kid’s life.

These kids who suffer from cyberbully never tell their parents as they feel embarrassed about it, which is why parents’ mediation is essential.

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Protect Health

The health of young children is a vital issue for parents as this is the stage where they grow up both physically and mentally and need all the nutrition and nurturing they can get. However, due to decreased involvement of parents and increased use of the internet, children are opting for unhealthy habits.

They can use their mobile phones for prolonged hours, putting their eyesight and physical activity at stake. And parents who monitor their children’s phones can place limitations and know that their kids are keeping a healthy lifestyle than those who don’t.

Prohibit Theft

Fraud is and has been prevalent on the internet ever since it evolved. Hackers and predators find new and improved ways of targeting people to let out their identities and personal information such as credit card or address.

Kids being easier to target can fall right into their traps and give out valuable information, for instance, card information to make a “purchase” which can be the fraudulent being’s doing. Hackers and thieves on the internet can steal information easily this way and place harm on your family for money. 

They use specialized websites and programs that can also harm the digital device they are accessed on. Children not having information on these suspicious-looking sites can fail to evaluate and end up infecting your whole system, providing easy entry for a hacker to all your memory in the form of files and photos.

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