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Spotify Working on ‘Advanced Mixing Tools’ Features

Spotify's playlist remixing feature is expected to be featured in a new Music Pro premium tier.

Spotify is said to be working on a new feature that will allow users to modify their playlists using “advanced mixing tools”. Users could use the mixing tools to add different transition styles and sequence records with comparable keys, tempos, and styles together.

These features could be included in the company’s reported Music Pro premium package, which is said to focus on lossless music. Notably, this week, the music streaming giant released a new AI function that would allow users to create customized playlists just by entering text prompts.

The information about the new mixing tools comes from a Threads post by tipster Chris Messina, who discovered strings of code in the most recent beta version that reveal what these alleged mixing capabilities can achieve. Messina’s pictures show that the feature will let users “flex your DJ skills with different transition styles to create the ultimate mix.”

According to the tipster, transition styles will not be the only options available. Other code samples read, “Automatically reorders your mix by sequencing tracks with similar key, tempo, and style together.” This functionality could potentially allow users to fine-tune their whole playlist with minimal effort.

Mentions of “advanced mixing tools” were also discovered, implying that users might have granular control over DJ-like features for manipulating records with beats and more. Users might potentially speed up recordings, sometimes known as nightcore songs, which have gained popularity in recent years.

These features could be included in Spotify’s reported Music Pro plan. According to a post by Reddit user Hypixely, who discovered code samples for a new premium tier, the plan’s main selling point might be lossless music with up to 24-bit/44.1 kHz FLAC.

The tipster also adds that rather than being a separate subscription tier, it would be available as an add-on that people can combine with their current plan. Spotify HiFi was supposed to deliver lossless music years ago, but the feature never made it to the streaming platform.

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Messina stated in a recent post that Spotify has already started sending out the Music Pro add-on to users via the Connect menu. Screenshots submitted by the tipster show a new option labeled “Lose yourself in Lossless” and described as “Your favorite music in 16-bit and 24-bit high fidelity sound”.

The tipster claimed that the streaming quality will vary depending on the device. Messina claimed that he gained access to the feature despite neither upgrading or altering his plan. It is unclear if Spotify will charge customers for this feature.

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