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Proven Tips To Grow Long Natural Hair Faster

Potential shortcuts and hair tips on how to grow long natural hair.

How to grow long natural hair is one of the common questions that we girls ask. The general consensus from women seems to be that ladies with long hair have some secrets they’re holding on to.

It must be some kind of tool, product, or technique that those women use in order to get long natural hair. I was too looking for techniques to grow my hair a few years back. During this process, I find out certain tips that worked perfectly for me.

With that said, here are my proven tips that will surely help you get long natural hair.

Tips To Grow Long Natural Hair

1. Moisturize Your Hair

Keeping your hair moisturized helps it remain pliable and elastic. Further, moisturized hair is less prone to breaking and snapping. It behaves better and is easier to style.

To moisturize your hair wash your hair with either conditioner or with a moisturizing shampoo. Apply moisturizer to every strand in small sections ensuring that each strand gets moisturized. Then rinse out.

On a daily basis (depending on what your hair needs) moisturize your hair to ensure your hair never gets dried out. For this, you can deep condition on a weekly basis. With time you will learn how often your hair needs to be moisturized by noticing how it feels and seeing how it responds to your touch.

2. Give Attention To Ends

Most of the time we pay less attention to the oldest part of our hair, the ends. They are the last part to receive moisture but they are the first to lose these things.

In addition to trimming split damaged ends, you should apply your product for ends to tips. Further, always moisturize and seal your ends.

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3. Never Skip the Leave-In Conditioner

Leaving in your conditioner minimizes frizz, dryness, and flattens the hair cuticle for fewer tangles and moisture loss. For some, a leave-in conditioner is optional. However, if you want beautifully, defined curls then go with a leave-in conditioner. With certain use, you will notice your curls defined and popping.

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4. Low Manipulation

Low manipulation or protective styles, like twists or braids, protect my hair from manual breakage and moisture loss. It is key for retaining growth and getting long healthy hair.

If you normally style your hair and use heating tools daily, you will notice an incredible difference in your hair by cutting back.

Rather, opt for styles that will last you a week, such as twists or twist-outs, braid-outs, buns, or flatirons/rollersets that don’t need heat touch-ups each day.

Try to comb and brush your hair only on wash days if you can. Use your hands to smooth areas and keep your hands out of your hair during the day.

5. Take Multivitamin

A simple multivitamin and well-balanced diet are all you need for healthy long natural hair. Although there are a lot of hair supplements on the market it’s better to go with one that you trust.

Ingesting nutrients that your body isn’t deficient in can be disastrous. Further many of the dosages are unregulated and way above the recommended daily dosage for these particular supplements.

If you are confused about selecting one supplement, it’s better to consult with your doctor before going with one.

Final Thoughts On How to Grow Natural Hair

There is a direct correlation between your overall health and the health of your hair. If you think you’re taking medicines that might be impacting your natural hair growth, be sure to discuss with your doctor your desire to maximize hair growth and whether any medications you are taking will affect your hair’s growth rate.

Finally, keep yourself healthy by following a proper diet. Don’t damage your hair with exotic treatments or harsh hair care products. Don’t expose your hair to extreme heat or potentially harsh chemicals/elements.

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