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How Do You Know If You Have Cataracts and What to Do About Them?

A cataract is the clouding of the ordinarily clear lens of your eye. For people who are suffering from a cataract, it is like seeing through a foggy window. This happens due to aging and when proteins inside your lens clump together to create a cloudy lens. To get rid of this eye situation, you can visit website of an eye specialist to get a painless cataract laser treatment.

How Do You Know If You Have Cataract?

Cataracts mainly cause cloudy vision due to which reading, writing, driving at night, and seeing expressions on someone’s face gets difficult for you. It is essential to know the signs of having cataracts to get timely treatment.

Look for these signs to identify a cataract.

Cloudy Days

An initial cataract causes little stress to your vision, and you might start seeing a little blurry. If ignored, the impact of the cataract started to grow and affect your eyes more broadly. 

There are three major types of cataracts that affect different parts of your eye lens, such as:

  • posterior subcapsular cataracts
  • nuclear cataracts in the center of the eye lens
  • cortical cataracts that form on the side of the lens

Diminished Night Vision

As cataracts continue growing, they start diminishing night vision. So when you start seeing yellow or brown tinge, you must get your eyes checked for cataracts. Reduced night vision is very risky for driving, especially for aged people.

The Glare of Bright Lights

If you started feeling sensitive to light, you might be dealing with one of the common cataract symptoms. The glare of lights can be very painful, especially to those with posterior subcapsular cataracts.

This type of cataract initiates from the back of your eye lens and continues blocking the path of light that reduces your reading capability.

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Need For New glasses

If you started feeling the need for new glasses, get your eyes checked for cataract. Change of glasses will not be the solution in your case, and it is important to seek a good cataract treatment.

Double Images

Clouding in your eyes can make you see two images of a single object. Other things can also cause this situation. They are brain tumors, stroke, corneal swelling, cataracts, and multiple sclerosis.

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What to Do About Cataracts?

If you have started noticing any change in your vision, it is the right time to see the doctor and get it checked for cataracts. Before visiting the doctor, you should check out the availability of treatments and procedures.

There are no studies that have shown results of slowing down the progression of cataracts, but doctors find the below precautions helpful.

Regular Eye Examination

Go for regular eye checkups no matter what your age is. This helps in detecting cataracts at an early stage, and a cure is offered accordingly.

Quit Smoking

Ask your doctor regarding the methods to quit smoking.

Manage Other Health Problems

Diabetes and other health problems can increase the risk of cataracts.


No studies have shown that pills can help in reducing cataracts. So better include fruits and vegetables in your diet to get enough vitamins and essential nutrients.

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