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Google Reportedly Testing Auto Dark Mode for Websites on iPhone

This feature has been made available as an experiment through Google Search Labs.

According to reports, Google is testing an Auto Dark Mode for Websites feature in its iPhone app. According to the study, the feature automatically switches to dark mode on appropriate websites, as the name suggests. Users can access the web via the Google app, which functions similarly to a browser.

Additionally, it features artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities with Gemini, the company’s patented conversational AI chatbot. This new capability is allegedly still in testing and not publicly available to users.

According to 9to5Google, Auto Dark Mode for iPhone has been made available through Google Search Labs, a program that allows users to test out experimental features that are not yet available to the public.

Rolling out this feature, Google reportedly said, “Stay in dark mode no matter what website you are on. Turn on dark mode on your device to activate this experience so all the websites you visit match your app’s dark theme.”

When enabled, this feature will be activated for all relevant websites, it was mentioned. It is also believed that Auto Dark Mode will not be available on sites that already have a dark mode.

In the screenshots shared by 9to5Google, Auto Dark Mode gave the website a new design but did not appear to present a pure black view. Instead, the background became dark grey.

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Since this feature is currently only available to early testers as a beta experiment, Google reportedly says, “Quality of the conversion to dark mode may vary. The experiment does not apply to websites with an existing dark theme.”

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