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Domain Authority – What It Is, Why You Need It!

If domain authority is your interest, then stop wasting time and start reading the information that we have collected below for you:

What is Domain Authority?

Domain Authority, which we all commonly known as DA, is the ranking score that Moz develops. The DA score of a website talks about its chances to rank on the search engine pages. The greater would be the website’s score, the better would be its chances to rank on the SERPs. 

The authority score ranges from one to a hundred. A low score indicates that the site needs to be improved, and different SEO metrics should be enhanced. Domain authority is calculated by considering different factors, including the root domains, the number and quality of backlinks, the content, and other important things. 

The domain authority score is usually calculated or checked when comparing websites and pages in terms of ranking strength. Here you must know that domain authority is not a ranking factor of Google or any other search engine. 

It does not affect the SERPs. Rather it is just a metric that can cross-check different factors considered by the search engines.

How domain authority is scored, and what is a good DA score?

Domain authority (DA) is based on a logical scale of 100 points. As an interested reader, you must know that growing your DA score is important as it mirrors a good SEO score and metrics. You should also know that it is quite easier to grow the DA score from 20 to 30 if you compare it with 70 to 80. 

Good domain authority is not at all 100! If your domain authority score is 30 and is better than the rest of the competition, then you are doing well and don’t need to rush improvements. A good DA score can only be achieved quickly if you are connecting with the high-authority links. 

A new website would have a DA score of 1, but this doesn’t mean that you should improve this score is your goal. As it is a comparative metric, you have to go beyond your competitor’s DA score. There is no good or bad DA score. In some cases, a website with 5 DA scores can be better than having 70 in its league. 

Here you must know that page authority should not be confused with domain authority. The domain authority determines the ability of the complete website to rank on the top shelves. In contrast, the page authority tells us the ranking ability of an individual page. 

Why does authority score change?

If your domain authority score keeps on changing and you can’t find the reason behind it, then you should consider the following points:

  • The link profile of your site hasn’t been captured in the web index.
  • Your site is linking to places that are not contributing anything and have a lower position on Google.
  • Your site is at the lower end of the scoring spectrum and is being impacted by fluctuation.

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How to increase your Domain authority using practical steps!

If you are determined to increase your domain authority score, you surely need to follow a practical approach. Here are the steps which can aid you to increase the domain authority score of your website.

  • You have to work on your off-page search engine optimization. You have to build a strong linking profile, plus you have to remove all the bad links. The natural link building technique along with blogging can help you in this regard.
  • You have to focus on on-page optimization. This includes publishing high-quality content having a good structure and no readability issues. You must also use relevant keywords in your content to increase visibility and targeting the market.
  • You have to make sure that your website or your pages are mobile-friendly as most of the traffic on the web is coming from smartphones.
  • Improving page loading speed can also help you a lot in increasing the DA score.
  • Be patient and keep on trying, as this is not an easy process. 

Good domain authority is important because it shows your site’s credibility in the eyes of the search engine and can bring you tons of traffic and good links!

The Best Domain Authority Checker!

If you want to know about the best da checker, then you are in luck today. Most people think that Moz domain authority checker is the only reliable service that can check site da, but this is a wrong concept. You can indeed get quality results by using the Moz domain authority checker. 

Still, at the same time, you must know that the domain authority checker by smallseotools can help you a lot to check website authority with complete accuracy. 

This domain authority checker by smallseotools would check the da score and tell you what needs to be changed, removed, and updated to improve your site’s score!

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