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Google Meet Introduces ‘Switch Here’ Feature

The Switch Here function on Google Meet is available to all Google Workspace and personal Google account holders.

Google Meet has added a new feature that will allow users to switch between two devices while on a call. The new feature, Switch Here, eliminates the need to end a call from one device and rejoin from another, making the procedure more seamless.

The software giant has made the tool available to both Workspace and personal account users. Notably, early this year, Google added a new functionality to its videoconferencing software that allows hosts and co-hosts to pin up to three individuals on the screen.

Announcing its Workspace blog post, Google said, “Beginning today, you can smoothly transfer between devices while on a Google Meet call without hanging up and rejoining[..]You’ll notice the new “Switch here” option when joining a meeting on your laptop, which will switch the call from your mobile devices while maintaining an ongoing conversation and without worrying about missing important information.”

The post also included a small video demo of the feature, which works more straightforwardly. If a user has joined a call via smartphone or laptop, they can open the meeting link on another device, which will now display a Switch Here button instead of ‘Join Now’. When it is clicked, the application will effortlessly move the user from one device to the other, with no visible transition to other participants.

This is a useful option for users who need to join meetings while traveling or when they are not near a computer. Instead of postponing the meeting due to device unavailability, they can simply attend from their phone and switch as soon as they reach their primary device. While this functionality is provided to premium Google Workspace subscribers, it is also free to use and available for personal account holders.

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Google has been introducing new features to make its video calling application easier to use. In February, the site added a new function that allows the host or co-host to pin up to three participants. This application is intended to assist participants in locating the speakers in large meetings.

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