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Best Lower Back Exercises For Women At Home & Gym

If you are looking for back exercises for women, then here are some facts they should know first. There are a lot of large muscle groups present in your back from which Trapezius is located in the upper back, forming a diamond shape between your shoulders and mid-spine. Rhomboids are muscles positioned in the mid-upper back, tying into the deltoids.

The largest back muscles are the latissimus dorsi, which cover the outer sides and contribute to the athletic ‘V’ taper. The muscles of your lower back are known as the erector spinae. It runs down either side of your spine.

Maintaining strong and toned erector spinae will help you with the lower back problems that are common to many women. Thus lower back exercises for women are the most crucial exercises for healthy health. It will also help to improve your balance and coordination.

Why Are Back Exercises For Women Necessary?

Strengthening and toning all of the areas of your back will not only provide you a tight, toned and terrific rear but also help you lift your chest. This will, in result, lift your bust, contributing to your feminine shape.

Best Lower Back Exercises For Women

Here are some key reasons why lower back exercises for women are necessary,

  • Enhances your posture
  • Gives you a stronger back
  • It will burn more calories
  • Help to eliminate back fat
  • Prevents back pain and injury

Best Back Exercises For Women

For best results, we have selected the top 10 best back exercises for women.

1. Superman Pose

Lie down on your belly on a mat. Keep your feet and arms spread out. Keep your legs close together with your feet touching each other a little. Take a deep breath in, and lift your right arm up, followed by your left leg. Concurrently, lift your head three inches off the ground. Keep your abs and glutes squeezed in.

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Keep breathing with awareness, keeping your attention on the stretch. Hold this for 3 seconds and release by bringing your head, arm, and leg down. As you exhale, gently lower your chest, arms, and legs. Change to the other side. Along with your head, lift your left arm and right leg this time.

2. Back Lift

Stand with feet in a split stance position with your right foot ahead. Your left toe should be about 10 inches back your right heel. Take your arms up so that your fingertips are just above your ears. Pull your elbows back.

Tilt forward from your hips, keeping a tight core and neutral (not rounded) spine.
Drawing from your core, lift your upper body up to an upright position. Tense at the top position, squeezing the muscles of your mid-back. Gently lower back to the start position. Make sure that your abs are pulled in the whole time.

3. Dumbbell Shoulder Shrugs

Stand with your feet wide open. Hold your arms by your sides. Lift a five-pound dumbbell in each hand. Put your palms pointed towards each other. Shrug your shoulders toward your ears while holding the dumbbells. Keep the shrug for three counts and lower your shoulders.

4. Underhand Cable Pulldown

Sit down facing the lat machine with an overhead wide bar attached to the pulley. Your hands must be closer than shoulder-width distance apart and the palms facing you.
Keep the bar and adjust the knee pads so that they are just over your knees. Keep your feet flat on the ground, and hands fully extended overhead.

Lean back a little and push your chest out. Breathe out and pull the bar down until it almost touches your upper chest. Bring your shoulders and elbows back. Breathe in and gently release the bar back to the origin position (where your arms were fully extended overhead).

5. Seated Cable Row

Sit down on the bench facing the lat machine. Grab the lower close-grip attachment that is connected to the pulley. Keep your knees slightly bent, feet on the footrest below, arms fully extended, chest out, and sit straight. Mark that this is your starting point.

Pull the shoulder blades down and back, supported by the bending of the elbows, and pull the attachment close to your abs. Gently bring your arms back to the starting position.

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6. Spreading Wings Lift

Stand holding a light pair of dumbbells with feet shoulder-width apart. Keep the weights on your sides with arms slightly bent and locked at the elbows. Maintain a neutral spine.

Lift both arms out to your sides. Think of trying to bring your shoulder blades together, while maintaining a slight bend in your elbows. Rest when your hands are at shoulder level. Keep for 2 seconds. Slowly lower the weights to the start position.

7. One Arm Dumbbell Row

Put your right knee on a flat bench, and your right hand on the bench. Hold your palm flat, spine in line with your buttocks left leg a little wider than shoulder-width apart, and left knee bent a little.

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Pick up the dumbbell with your left hand. Keep your left hand extended downward, and loosen up your neck. Keep your shoulders pinched back, look down, and keep your core engaged. This is the starting point.

Lose your left elbow and pull the dumbbell up till it almost reaches your armpit.
Slowly, lower your hand to the starting point. After completing one set, do the same with the right hand.

8. Lat Pulldown

Stand in front of the lat pulldown machine. Straddle the seat and grab the bar with both hands using an overhand grip. Your grip should be somewhat wider than shoulder-width.
Sit down, keeping the bar above your chest with your arms extended. Place your knees under the pad to secure your upper body.

While keeping a neutral spine (slight arch in your back), draw your shoulder blades down and concurrently. Keep your chest lifted during the movement. Your elbows should come down and to the sides to point to the floor.

Pause in the bottom position as you feel the squeeze through your lats. Gently return to the start position, feeling for a full stretch through the back muscles.

9. Overhead Pullover

Lie faceup, with your knees bent and a dumbbell held between your palms. Extend your arms directly overhead. Tense your core muscles. Without bending your arms, bring the weight overhead behind you all the way until it touches the floor behind you.

In this manner contract your lats. Without bending your arms, bring the weight back to the start position, flexing the upper back muscles as your arms come back. Keep your core tight during the movement.

10. Swimmer Lift

Lie face down on your exercise mat. Your feet should be shoulder-width apart. Bend your arms and bring them up to the shoulder level. Hold your hand shoulder-width apart with palms facing toward the floor. Your head and shoulders should be in a neutral position and you should look right ahead. Lift your head and shoulders and look in front of you.

While keeping your elevated head and shoulder position, bring your arms directly out in front of you. The fingertips should meet in front of your head. Draw your arms back. You will be simulating a swimming action (breaststroke).


Note:- Apart from these top 10 best back exercises for women you should consider maintaining a healthy diet for better results.

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