Best Gym Towels for Sweat (Trainer’s Pick) – Reviewed 2023

If you are planning to hit the gym then you need something lightweight and compact with great moisture management abilities. The best gym towel is something that is portable, quick-drying, and odor-resistant.

To help you find the best choice for your personal gym routine, we have made a list of the best gym towels. Although there are a lot of products available in the market, it’s difficult to select the best gym towel. For this, we have gone through a lot of products and created a list by analyzing product price, material, odor resistance, and customer reviews.

Best Gym Towels

1. PackTowl Luxe Quick Dry Microfiber Towel


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The Personal towel is one of the best-selling quick-drying towels on the market and with good reason. Its ultra-versatile, absorbent, and super fast-drying performance makes it great for any activity, including water sports, fitness, travel, and camping.

Plus, it’s available in a number of colors and in sets of two so it’s easy to make a personal statement with the Personal towel.

Whether traveling, camping, boating, or spending time in the water, the Luxe towel offers cozy, cotton-like comfort with fast-drying performance. With the Luxe towel, you take the comfort of home with you and leave the bulky, slow-drying, and smelly parts behind.

Reviewers say: “I got this for my daughter, who has very heavy hair. This towel beats the cotton version hands down, even for regular use. This towel just worked way better on water absorption. And it dries much quicker.” says one buyer.

2. Relefree Microfiber Gym Towels


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This large towel is perfect for a bath towel or a yoga towel and is also very suitable for daily life or travel. Further, the small towel will easily fit in your gym bag or backpack and is best for gym, trekking, and drying off sweat.

Relefree microfiber towel used the finest microfiber, thinner than SILK, extra soft, as delicate as baby skin, plush microfiber is super gentle on your face, body, and skin, and surface makes it a perfect workout towel.

Fast absorb 3-4 times water of their weight, dry up to 10X faster than normal terry cloth or cotton towels. Just three minutes in the sun and you can quickly use it again, keep your towel fresh.

Reviewers say: “Best towels ever. I bought one set for my daughter and liked it so much that I bought three more sets for the rest of the family. They dry super fast, they are really big and super luxurious feeling. I’m really big on comfort and I didn’t think I would like them, but I actually love them.” says one buyer.

3. BEARZ Microfiber Ultra Compact Gym Towel


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These BEARZ Outdoor Towels are made of a soft, super absorbent microfiber material that will smoothly wipe away any sweat or unwanted water from your skin.

The towels pack up compactly and conveniently to fit into the included carry bag – which even has a water-resistant pocket! The towels are quick-drying – simply use the adjustable hang loops and let these lightweight towels dry wherever you are – no restrictions!

This BEARZ Outdoor towel set is an ideal accessory for sports, the outdoors, or your travels. Whether you’re at the gym, on the beach, or off to your next adventure, don’t forget to bring your towels with you!

Reviewers say: “Absorbency is as decent as can be expected for a microfiber towel. You need to have realistic expectations. These do dry really fast though, which is great for camping.” says one buyer.

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4. AQUIS – Adventure Microfiber Sports Towel


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This Adventure Towel is made from an innovative performance fabric engineered to quickly wick water and moisture away from the body and hair on contact and into the fiber channels of the towel.

Woven from ultra-absorbent fibers, this lightweight textile provides superior water wicking and absorbs 3-times its weight in water.

Great for people with an active lifestyle looking for a performance towel with maximum absorption, plus a quick-drying and space-saving alternative.

Reviewers say: “Super absorbent & dry quickly. I have owned some for years and just bought more. Can’t get a better camping towel.” says one buyer.

5. SUNLAND Microfiber Gym Towel


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This Super Compact Microfiber Towel is made of microfibers 80% Polyester & 20% Polyamide. It is lightweight and compact. Further, this towel is available in a variety of vibrant colors to meet your taste, with the net bag, you will be able to bring your towel anywhere and use it daily.

This super-compact microfiber towel dries 3 times faster than cotton. This quick-drying nature of microfiber gives users more freedom to move from one adventure to another.

The fabric feels kind of like that suede fabric. It can absorb tons of water, and promote rapid evaporation. Just let the cloth erase water slowly and lightly or Only need to cover, do not need to back and forth scrub, and there will be a good effect.

Reviewers say: “It’s amazing. I got the largest size. You can use it as a blanket and a towel if you hiking in a warm climate to dry it out. Very lightweight and even with the largest size it packs down very small. Great to use with glasses.” says one buyer.

6. Desired body Lightweight Fitness Gym Towels


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This premium workout & sports towel is made for drying sweat comfortably and covering gym benches & machines. The stylish gray waffle design is reinforced with a white silky border that suits both men and women.

This gym towel is soft, lightweight, absorbent, quick-drying & odor-free, thanks to its high-quality microfiber material. Further, it has no itchy wash labels or hooks that can cause irritation in your neck or on your skin.

Reviewers say: “These are so awesome – very absorbent, extremely soft, never stinky, and the perfect shape/length for draping around your neck at the gym. I will most likely buy more.” says one buyer.

7. HOPESHINE Microfiber Gym Towel


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HOPESHINE microfiber gym towels are made of high-quality premium microfiber(80% Polyester, 20% Polyamide) which features soft, smooth, super absorbent, and quick drying.

Unique Spinning Technology creates such brilliant colors and professional woven fabric and fibers produce a soft and comfortable feel.

The HOPESHINE microfiber fitness sweat towels are great for hiking, swimming, traveling, camping, and other outdoor activities. You can also use them as home face towels.

Reviewers say: “I use these at the gym every day. They are very absorbent and dry quickly. I spend about an hour and a half at the gym and even in the end, I find usable space to wipe the sweat off.” says one buyer.


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