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The Best Shea Butter Brands For Skin & Hair (2024 Reviews)

Best Shea Butter: Taken from the seed of the shea tree, shea butter has numerous benefits for the skin. This Makes it a firm favorite with natural beauty enthusiasts.

It not only protects from the sun but also moisturizes the skin by reducing inflammation. Apart from that, it’s a natural moisturizer for lips and hair. Using it daily can hair and skin hydrated, protected, and clear of free radicals that can damage them.

Further, it contains anti-inflammatory and antioxidant phytochemicals that help to protect the skin and soothe irritation.

Although there are a number of best shea butter brands available in the market, not all shea butter that you can buy is created equal. For this, we have reviewed dozens of the best shea butter products to identify the best of the best.

Best Shea Butter Products For Skin & Hair

1. Unrefined African Shea Butter

4.7Our Score

Unrefined Shea Butter is a nutrient-rich cosmetic butter packed with vitamins and antioxidants. It is effective in deeply moisturizing the skin to help repair severely dry or cracked skin and maintain a healthy glow.

This is a semi-soft butter, it melts upon skin contact so can be applied as it is or mixed with other ingredients to make skincare products. It is vegan and safe for all skin types.

It is loaded with vitamins A, E, and F, Antioxidants, and Essential Fatty Acids (Linoleic and Linolenic), it is known to reduce eczema, skin rashes, even out skin tone, soften and nourish your skin.

It is non-comedogenic and perfect for those affected by acne who are looking for an effective and truly natural solution for their skin.

Reviewer says: “I cannot express how happy I am with my purchase of this Organic Shea Butter! I finally made the Whipped Lavender Body Butter recipe that I had found online. Let’s just say that I’m going to throw out every store-bought lotion I own because I’m not going back to store-bought chemical lotions!!!” says one buyer.

2. Tree Hut 24-Hour Intense Hydrating Body Butter

4.6Our Score

Treat your body with Tree Hut Body Butter with a scent of Almond & Honey. This extra-thick body butter, infused with Certified Shea Butter, Raw Cocoa Butter, and Safflower Seed Oil, softens rough skin and provides twenty-four-hour deep hydration.

Fall in love with the creamy texture to benefit your hands, legs, and all over the body. Scented with the essence of Sweet Almond Oil and Honey, apply the cream after a shower or following an exfoliation treatment for the absolute best results.

Consider it a condition-enhancing treatment for hand and body hydration to better your lotions and moisturization essentials!

Reviewer says: “I’ve been using this product in its various fragrances for over 4 years now. It is a mainstay in my hygiene daily regimen. It has a smooth and creamy texture, that moisturizes and nourishes my skin. The Brazilian Nut is my favorite fragrance.” says one buyer.

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3. Raw Apothecary All-Natural Ivory Shea Butter

4.4Our Score

This ivory shea butter isn’t bleached, it is simply unrefined with no other additives. This is just straight-up, natural shea butter, but that doesn’t mean it’s simple.

It’s packed full of fatty acids and vitamins A, E, and F. Vitamins A and E moisturize and repair damaged skin and hair, and vitamin F encourages rejuvenation and growth. That’s a lot of healing power in a smooth, easy-to-use butter.

Reviewer says: “I had a good feeling about this product given all things considered, and it lived up to its expectations and then some. The packaging is fantastic (and really pretty too), and so convenient in this easy-to-use and travel-with tub. The product smells like fresh shea butter and was in perfect condition, and is a pleasure to use. Really pleased and satisfied with this purchase and would definitely get it again when this one runs out.” says one buyer.

4. Buttah Skin by Dorion Renaud Facial Butter

4.3Our Score

Formulated with 100% pure Organic Virgin Shea Butter imported from Africa, Buttah Skin Facial Shea Butter is rich in Vitamins A, B, and E, as well as Stearic Acid and Oleic Acid.

This deeply hydrating Facial Shea Butter smooths, soothes, softens, and nourishes your skin, and is the perfect face moisturizer to add to your skincare routine.

Further, this Raw African Shea Butter has been perfected using our proprietary whipping technique to make it easier to apply, and feel it instantly melt with the warmth of the skin to deeply penetrate and deliver essential nutrients where your skin needs it most.

Rich in essential fatty acids, it provides a layer of non-comedogenic to protect melanin-rich and darker skin tones from inflammation and environmental assault.

Reviewer says: “After a good cleansing, you need a good Moisturizer. Shea butter from BUTTAH is the one. I use it mostly at night so it can set my skin for the morning. Just a little goes a long way.” says one buyer.

5. Organic Shea Butter By Sky Organics For Face and Body

4.3Our Score

This Raw and Unrefined Shea Butter is meant for use on skin or hair, but as a hair product, it really stands out. Those who suffer from dry, lackluster hair can use this unrefined shea butter as part of their regular hair care routine to boost shine and improve texture.

As it has no additives, it’s especially good for people with sensitive hair or those who don’t want to add a bunch of extra stuff to their strands.

Several positive reviews note that using this shea butter regularly on hair replenishes its oils and improves the look and feel of frayed strands.

Reviewer says: “This is great quality shea butter. I like the thickness of it. You have to heat it up in your hands to get it to spread easier but it lasts on my skin all day. My skin and nails are so soft. I’ll try it on my hair next!” says one buyer.

6. OKAY African Shea Butter

4.5Our Score

Shea butter seals in moisture to damp hair. Nourishes and protects hair from environmental damage as well as prevent split ends and breakage. It restores shine and softness to hair.

Originating in West Africa, African Shea Butter is rich in vitamins A, E, and F and has been used for centuries to keep skin clear, moisturized, and overall health.

For all skin types and textures, this butter is great for moisturizing, reducing inflammation, skin smoothing, wrinkle reduction, eczema, bylemishes, wound healing, sunburn, and dermatitis. It will help to nourish, replenish, and moisturize your hair.

Reviewer says:This is already pretty smooth and goes on easily but I added 2 tsp of coconut oil and 2 tsp of avocado oil and made the perfect body cream and hair conditioner. Love it!” says one buyer.

7. Sans Pareil Naturals Organic Shea Butter

4.5Our Score

With five fatty acids plus vitamins A, E, F, and K, this organic raw shea butter is an all-around skin powerhouse. Not only do the oils, vitamins, and minerals moisturize your skin.

This helps treat conditions like eczema and severely dry skin while nourishing aged and damaged skin to return that vibrancy you thought was gone for good.

Massage this natural, unrefined shea butter into your hair to restore that lost luster and revitalize those depleted ends. It’s great for deep conditioning as well as fortifying natural hair.

It also works wonders on your scalp – getting rid of dryness and irritation and working to repair the damage that sun, cold, and chemical styling products can do to this sensitive area.

Reviewer says: “I’ve been using this brand for a while now, and was happy to find the small 2oz jar. This is great for travel or everyday use (the larger jars take me a while to go through, so this is perfect/should keep fresh).” says one buyer.

Disclosure: Bear in mind that some of the links in this post are affiliate links and if you go through them to make a purchase then this blog may receive a commission. Although we receive a commission for using and linking affiliate products, they are extremely good and all our opinion and suggestions are unbiased.

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